Litmus - 3.1.0

What's Changed

  • Updated Default Branch Name for ChaosHub by @Jonsy13 in
  • fix: fixed update environment submit button issue by @vanshBhatia-A4k9 in
  • Add port blacklisting in the pod-network faults by @ispeakc0de in
  • Updated the installation manifest broken link in readme by @Saranya-jena in
  • chore(3.1.0): Adding the manifests for 3.1.0 by @ispeakc0de in
  • Added backend changes for stop experiment by @Saranya-jena in
  • [WIP]Fixed:Compilation errors in choas_hub/handler tests by @punithnayak in
  • Test/chaos experiments: Tests for handlers and services by @SohamRatnaparkhi in
  • [DOC] Mongo db credentials should be configured at secrets by @lednubr in
  • Added some text occurrences in UI by @nanu1605 in
  • [DOC] Added 'CRs' as an acronym for 'custom resources' by @mehmetmgrsl in
  • Add: Litmus Enhancement Proposals directory by @namkyu1999 in
  • Feat/subscriber: Interfaces in subscriber by @SohamRatnaparkhi in
  • Fix bug: Changed 'VALUE' to 'value' for consistency by @RipulHandoo in
  • feat: Added stop/re-run button in experiment dashboard table and right sidebar by @hrishavjha in
  • chore: Updating GetProbesInExperimentRun API by @S-ayanide in
  • Enable cron by @Saranya-jena in
  • Tests/Chaoscenter: Added test cases for Grpc Handler by @Freedisch in
  • Added dependabot configuration to configure scanning of only required directories by @Jonsy13 in
  • Add actions for chaoscenter unit tests by @Nageshbansal in
  • Remove redundant code by @RipulHandoo in
  • chore: Added UI changes for enable and disable cron feature by @amityt in
  • Added tests for environments handler by @Freedisch in
  • Incorporate documentation for the Chaoscenter REST API by @Freedisch in
  • chore: update ChaosEngine crd in chaoscenter/manifest by @namkyu1999 in
  • Added 3.1.0 installation manifests by @Saranya-jena in
  • fix: Fixed RBAC issue and updated upload YAML function by @hrishavjha in
  • fix: Fixed duplicate probe issue in enable/disable cron API by @hrishavjha in

New Contributors

  • @punithnayak made their first contribution in
  • @lednubr made their first contribution in
  • @nanu1605 made their first contribution in
  • @mehmetmgrsl made their first contribution in
  • @RipulHandoo made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


Nov. 15, 2023, 3:12 p.m.
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