Litmus - 2.12.0

What's Changed

  • Updating readme for 2.11.0 by @Adarshkumar14 in
  • Fixed target port and listen port mentions in http chaos latency by @avaakash in
  • chore(2.11.0): Adding release manifests for the litmus 2.11.0 by @ispeakc0de in
  • Chore [Docs]: Http Chaos Modify Header experiment docs by @avaakash in
  • Chore [Docs]: Http Chaos Modify Body experiment docs by @avaakash in
  • Chore [Docs]: Http Chaos Status Code experiment docs by @avaakash in
  • Chore [Docs]: Http Chaos Reset Peer experiment docs by @avaakash in
  • links to docs by @dnielsen in
  • Added changes for making clusterIP as default endpoint for self/internal delegates by @Jonsy13 in
  • Adding cluster roles and roles required for the deployment in openshift by @Adarshkumar14 in
  • changing trivy exit code to 0 by @imrajdas in
  • Alter email to base64, because the regex enconding by @deividMatos in
  • Fixed ui crashing issue for invalid cron syntax by @amityt in
  • Added advance tune feature and updated workflow creation steps by @amityt in
  • Added UI changes, warning text for SSH method, updated litmusctl commands and minor fixes by @Saranya-jena in
  • Added getServerVersion API to fetch GQL server version by @Saranya-jena in
  • Upgrading pkgs for Chaos-operator & Argo-workflows by @Jonsy13 in
  • Removed Observability route, keeping only workflow analytics, updated terminologies by @Saranya-jena in
  • Adding request logger middleware by @imrajdas in
  • Added remote/hosted chaoshub functionality and updated frontend by @amityt in
  • Added optional fields in cmdProbe and minor fixes by @amityt in
  • Fixed edit schedule option by @amityt in
  • Added fixes for comparison plot & logs for install experiments step & data-cy parameters for ChaosHub by @Jonsy13 in
  • Minor fix in ChaosHub auth by @amityt in
  • Added warning text for remote chaos hub by @amityt in
  • Fixed issue in deactivate user and created_at showing invalid date by @Saranya-jena in
  • Fixed issue with executed_by label in subscriber and updated upgrade agent by @amityt in
  • Updated litmusctl Upgrade command by @Saranya-jena in
  • adding manifest for 2.12.0 by @Adarshkumar14 in

New Contributors

  • @dnielsen made their first contribution in
  • @deividMatos made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


Aug. 12, 2022, 4:45 p.m.
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