Litmus - 2.10.0

What's Changed

  • Extracting queries, mutations and subscriptions to the respective schema files by @rajdas66 in
  • Removed ignore-path filter from workflow level by @Jonsy13 in
  • Fix: AWS EKS IAM SA command by @QAInsights in
  • Updated local nginx.conf as well as in manifests for supporting envoy proxy by @Jonsy13 in
  • chore (ChaosCenter): Adding Network-Policies for control-plane & agent-plane components by @Jonsy13 in
  • Update pod-network-latency Docs FOR JITTER env by @neelanjan00 in
  • Enchancement: added scroll to invitation table by @vanshBhatia-A4k9 in
  • Fixed issues with httpProbe and promProbe in tune workflow section by @amityt in
  • fix(workflow-schedule): Added check for invalid schedule type by @amityt in
  • GCP Experiment Docs Updates by @neelanjan00 in
  • Changes to the Main Repo: Added Training & Courses, Commercial Support; Updated Adopters by @prithvi1307 in
  • Fixed updateGitOps functionality by @Jonsy13 in
  • Chore [Docs]: Http Chaos Latency experiment docs by @avaakash in
  • Adding CHAOS_CENTER_UI_ENDPOINT available for cluster and namespace scope by @rajdas66 in
  • Added imagePullSecret in chaos engine and minor change in probes by @amityt in
  • Minor fix in env config by @amityt in
  • Adding manifests for v2.10.0 ChaosCenter & updating upgrade agent by @Jonsy13 in

New Contributors

  • @QAInsights made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


June 15, 2022, 9:52 a.m.
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