Kyverno - v1.7.1

Bug Fixes

4104 [Bug] "failed to create UpdateRequest"

4091 [Bug] kyverno 1.7.0 fails to start / panic if unable to initialize sigstore-tuf-root

4077 [Bug] Kyverno crashes if namespace is deleted

4062 [Bug] Krew doesn't support s390X

3987 [Bug] Setting mutateDigest field to false gets reverted to true

3929 [Bug] variable request.object.metadata.namespace convert to request.object.spec.template.metadata.namespace is wrong

3922 [Bug] background mutation destroys annotations on existing resource

3914 [Bug] patchStrategicMerge with annotation value of wrong type destroys all annotations

3709 [Bug] Image verify rule gives error for non-existing configmap

3087 [BUG] Error resolving variables with "/"

2789 [BUG] Multiple Generate Requests created for the same source resource and policy

4063 [BUG]Remove s390X for Krew

4114 fix: use policyName key to get the policy name

4053 fix: bool fields in image verification types

4038 fix imageVerify validation checks and conversion logic

3954 fix: replica count in helm chart


4013 refactor: move policy deletion code from policy controller to ur controller

4098 remove TUF initialization from main

4023 chore(dockerfile): use buildx features for cross-compilation

1258 Wrap type boolean in double quotes

4069 Kyverno Jp Help has not been updated to state that the -f flag also accepts YAML files as inputs

4084 Updated jp command flags and also added URL for help.


June 17, 2022, 10:37 a.m.
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