Kube-OVN - v1.8.3


  • update check for delete statefulset pod
  • update networkpolicy port process
  • add back centralized subnet active-standby mode
  • add gateway check after update subnet
  • fix clusterrole in ovn-ha.yaml
  • set up tunnel correctly in hybrid mode
  • check static route conflict
  • transfer IP/route earlier in OVS startup
  • fix only log matched svc with np (#1287)
  • fix statefulset Pod deletion
  • ignore cilint
  • Fix usage of ovn commands
  • fix continue of deletion for del pod failed when can't found vpc or subnet
  • fix OVS bridge with bond port in mode 6
  • fix replace ecmp dp_hash with hash by src_ip (#1289)
  • fix cni deepcopy
  • fix ips update
  • add check for pod update process
  • fix SNAT/PR on Pod startup
  • optimize log for node port-group

New Feature

  • support to add multiple subnets for a namespace
  • append add cidr and excludeIps annotation for namespace
  • feat optimize log
  • resync provider network status periodically
  • add metric for ovn nb/sb db status
  • feat update provider network via node annotation
  • keep ip for kubevirt pod


March 9, 2022, 10:03 a.m.
v1.8.3 -- Bugfix
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