Kube-OVN - v1.10.0


New Feature

  • Windows support
  • Reduce ovs-ovn restart downtime
  • Submariner for multi clusters service
  • Iptables eip nats splits
  • support to add multiple subnets for a namespace
  • add custom ACLs for subnet
  • support dpdk hybrid node
  • keep ip for kubevirt pod
  • Support kubevirt vm live migrate for pod static ip
  • feat: support DHCP
  • feat: vpc peering connection
  • add 'virtual' port for vip
  • LSP forwarding external Layer-2 packets
  • update provider network via node annotation
  • feat: add webhook to check subnet deletion
  • add webhook validate the vpc resource whether it can be deleted.


  • optimize ovs request in cni
  • optimize node port-group check
  • optimize IPAM initialization
  • manual compile method for ubuntu20.04
  • add repo for tunning packages
  • add kube-ovn-controller switch for EIP and SNAT
  • use router policy for distributed/centralized gateway


  • update alpine to fix CVE-2022-1271


  • Add env-check
  • add sb/nb db check bash script
  • update nodeips for restore cmd in ko plugin
  • add restore process for ovn nb db
  • add reset porocess for ovs interface metrics
  • add metric for ovn nb/sb db status


  • fix defunct ovn-nbctl daemon
  • keep vm's and statefulset's ips when user specified subnet
  • add netem qos when create pod
  • handle the case of error node cidr
  • ovs trace flow always ends with controller action
  • add empty chassis check in ovn db
  • delete ipam record when gc lsp
  • fix wrong vpc-nat-gateway arm image
  • fix pod annotation may override by patch
  • fix: workqueue_depth should show count not rate
  • add delete ovs pods after restore nb db
  • delete monitor noexecute toleration
  • fix routes for packets from Pods to other nodes
  • masquerade packets from Pods to service IP
  • modify init ipam by ip crd only for sts pod
  • fix adding key to delete Pod queue
  • fix IPAM initialization
  • ignore all link local unicast addresses/routes
  • fix error handling for netlink.AddrDel
  • fix provider-networks status
  • recover ips CR on IPAM initialization
  • fix: do not recreate port for terminating pods
  • avoid frequent ipset update
  • add reset for kube-ovn-monitor metrics
  • fix: The underlay physical gateway config by external-gw-addr when use snat&eip
  • fix external egress gateway
  • add missing link scope routes in vpc-nat-gateway
  • modify ipam v6 release ip problem
  • skip ping gateway for pods during live migration
  • don't check conflict for migration pod with only static mac
  • fix usage of ovn commands
  • fix OVS bridge with bond port in mode 6
  • fix underlay subnet in custom VPC
  • configurable kube-ovn cni config filename
  • replace ecmp dp_hash with hash by src_ip
  • set up tunnel correctly in hybrid mode
  • check static route conflict
  • transfer IP/route earlier in OVS startup
  • fix: validate statefulset pod by name


  • use inc-engine/recompute instead of deprecated recomput
  • update kind to v0.13.0
  • refactor logical router routes
  • update ovn and ovs
  • add routed check in circulation
  • create ip crd in kube-ovn-controller
  • update cni version to 1.0
  • VIP is decoupled from port security
  • Use go to rerimplement ovn-is-leader.sh
  • Replace command health check with k8s tcpSocket check
  • add gateway check after update subnet


May 15, 2022, 5:48 a.m.
v1.10.0 -- Windows support, kubevirt enhancement and more performance tunning
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