Kube-OVN - v1.9.2


  • fix: wrong vpc-nat-gateway arm image
  • add delete ovs pods after restore nb db
  • delete monitor noexecute toleration
  • masquerade packets from Pods to service IP
  • modify init ipam by ip crd only for sts pod
  • modify webhook img to independent image
  • fix adding key to delete Pod queue
  • fix IPAM initialization
  • ignore all link local unicast addresses/routes
  • fix error handling for netlink.AddrDel
  • replace pod name when create ip crd
  • fix provider-networks status
  • recover ips CR on IPAM initialization
  • fix: do not recreate port for terminating pods
  • avoid frequent ipset update
  • fix: The underlay physical gateway config by external-gw-addr when use snat&eip
  • add reset for kube-ovn-monitor metrics
  • check the cidr format whether is correct
  • fix external egress gateway
  • add missing link scope routes in vpc-nat-gateway

New Feature

  • add env-check
  • add kube-ovn-controller switch for EIP and SNAT
  • add routed check in circulation
  • log: show the reason if get gw node failed
  • support keep-vm-ip and live-migrate at the same time
  • support alloc static ip from any subnet after ns supports multi subnets
  • create ip crd in kube-ovn-controller
  • add condition for triggering the deletion of redundant chassises in sbdb


April 26, 2022, 2:06 a.m.
v1.9.2 -- Bugfix
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