Jenkins - jenkins-2.435

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🚀 New features and improvements

  • JENKINS-72343 - Accept all 2xx and 3xx status codes to validate proxy in HTTP Proxy Configuration (#8700) @lemeurherve
  • do not specify anti-aliasing (#8689) @jtnord
  • make displayname of HistoryWidget configurable for alternate text (#8740) @mawinter69
  • Move proxy configuration form out of pluginManager screens as it is not related (#8693) @olamy

🐛 Bug fixes

  • JENKINS-72196 - avoid wrong styling when deleting the first of 2 shell steps (#8739) @mawinter69
  • JENKINS-71737 - fix redirect when submitting cloud changes (#8505) @car-roll

👷 Changes for plugin developers

  • Add ExtensionList.lookupFirst convenience method. (#8735) @Vlatombe

📦 Dependency updates

  • Bump org.jenkins-ci.main:jenkins-test-harness from 2116.v25a_e7e33f4b_2 to 2118.v03a_2d036b_6c9 (#8746) @dependabot
  • Bump org.jenkins-ci.main:jenkins-test-harness from 2115.v0d2b_4a_a_e80f8 to 2116.v25a_e7e33f4b_2 (#8731) @dependabot
  • Bump com.github.eirslett:frontend-maven-plugin from 1.14.2 to 1.15.0 (#8737) @dependabot
  • Bump org.jenkins-ci.main:jenkins-test-harness from 2112.ve584e0edc63b_ to 2115.v0d2b_4a_a_e80f8 (#8728) @dependabot

All contributors: @Vlatombe, @basil, @car-roll, @dependabot, @dependabot[bot], @janfaracik, @jenkins-release-bot, @jtnord, @lemeurherve, @mawinter69, @olamy, @renovate and @renovate[bot]


Dec. 5, 2023, 1:34 p.m.
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