Jenkins - jenkins-2.343

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🐛 Major bug fixes

  • JENKINS-68122 - Avoid deadlock involving RingBufferLogHandler.LogRecordRef class loading (#6449) @jglick
  • Revert "BuildTrigger waits until the dependency graph has been updated (#6101)" (#6447) @MarkEWaite

🚀 New features and improvements

  • JENKINS-67744 - make agent availability help more flexible (#6255) @mawinter69
  • JENKINS-50211 - Reject connections from agents with unsupported Remoting versions (#4579) @stellargo
  • Rename master to built-in in German localisation (#6462) @mPokornyETM

🐛 Bug fixes

  • JENKINS-68055 - retain label expressions when trimming labels (#6452) @res0nance
  • JENKINS-67846 - Icon alignment of build status is wrong (#6303) @frankie139506
  • JENKINS-67962 - The giant "No builds" message is shown even with a pending build (#6461) @Langer0416
  • JENKINS-68188 - Preview feature of isn't disabled when readOnlyMode is set (#6435) @benebsiny
  • Stop builds in the order supplied (#6456) @basil

All contributors: @Langer0416, @MarkEWaite, @StefanSpieker, @basil, @benebsiny, @dependabot, @dependabot[bot], @frankie139506, @jenkins-release-bot, @jglick, @mPokornyETM, @mawinter69, @offa, @res0nance, @stellargo and @zbynek


April 12, 2022, 8:29 p.m.
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