Jenkins - jenkins-2.375

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🚨 Removed

  • Align HTTP keep-alive timeout with Jetty default (#7277) @basil

🎉 Major features and improvements

  • Improve breadcrumb bar accessibility (#6912) @janfaracik
  • Update the design of notifications (#7049) @janfaracik
  • JENKINS-65124 - Update weather icons (#7208) @janfaracik

🚀 New features and improvements

  • Do not print at INFO every time AsyncPeriodicWork starts/stops (#7281) @jglick
  • Update design of Manage Users page (#7197) @janfaracik

🐛 Bug fixes

  • JENKINS-69850 - : Queue.maintain() does no longer trigger an infinite recursive loop after loading a queue from xml (#7273) @Si-So
  • JENKINS-69904 - _safeRestart.jelly must not use parentheses in localizable messages (#7286) @dwnusbaum
  • Align HTTP keep-alive timeout with Jetty default (#7277) @basil
  • JENKINS-69689 - Table columns shadow is overlapping with other button shadow (#7155) @ridemountainpig
  • JENKINS-69637 - Fix ClassCastException when param list is empty (#7140) @loganmzz
  • Unable to serialize AtomicBoolean on Java 17 (#7270) @basil

📦 Dependency updates

  • Update bundled script-security and workflow-support plugins (#7275) @daniel-beck
  • Bump remoting from 3063.v26e24490f041 to 3068.v09b_895d8da_14 (#7282) @dependabot
  • Upgrade Spring Security from 5.7.3 to 5.7.4 (#7274) @dependabot

All contributors: @NotMyFault, @Si-So, @StefanSpieker, @Wadeck, @basil, @daniel-beck, @dependabot, @dependabot[bot], @dwnusbaum, @janfaracik, @jenkins-release-bot, @jglick, @loganmzz, @renovate, @renovate[bot], @ridemountainpig and @twasyl


Oct. 25, 2022, 1:09 p.m.
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