htmx - 1.9.7

  • 2023-11-03

  • Fixed a bug where a button associated with a form that is swapped out of the DOM caused errors

  • The hx-target-error attribute was added to the response-targets extension, allowing you to capture all 400 & 500
    responses with a single attribute
  • hx-on now properly supports multiple listeners
  • The hx-confirm prompt is now passed into custom confirmation handlers
  • next and previous are now valid extended CSS symbols in htmx
  • The htmx:beforeHistoryUpdate event was added
  • Properly ignore the dialog formmethod on buttons when resolving the HTTP method to use
  • Added a htmx.config.scrollIntoViewOnBoost option that may be set to false to disable scrolling the top of the
    body into view for boosted elements


Nov. 3, 2023, midnight
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