htmx - 1.8.0

  • 2022-7-12

  • NOTE: This release involved some changes to toughy code (e.g. history support) so please test thoroughly and let
    us know if you see any issues

  • Boosted forms now will automatically push URLs into history as with links. The response URL
    detection API support is good enough that we feel comfortable making this the default now.
  • If you do not want this behavior you can add hx-push-url='false' to your boosted forms
  • The hx-replace-url attribute was introduced, allowing you to replace
    the current URL in history (to complement hx-push-url)
  • Bug fix - if htmx is included in a page more than once, we do not process elements multiple times
  • Bug fix - When localStorage is not available we do not attempt to save history in it
  • Bug fix - hx-boost respects the enctype attribute
  • m is now a valid timing modifier (e.g. hx-trigger="every 2m")
  • next and previous are now valid extended query selector modifiers, e.g. hx-target="next div" will target the
    next div from the current element
  • Bug fix - hx-boost will boost anchor tags with a _self target
  • The load event now properly supports event filters
  • The websocket extension has had many improvements: (A huge thank you to Denis Palashevskii, our newest committer on the project!)
  • Implement proper hx-trigger support
  • Expose trigger handling API to extensions
  • Implement safe message sending with sending queue
  • Fix ws-send attributes connecting in new elements
  • Fix OOB swapping of multiple elements in response
  • The HX-Location response header now implements client-side redirects entirely within htmx
  • The HX-Reswap response header allows you to change the swap behavior of htmx
  • The new hx-select-oob attribute selects one or more elements from a server response to swap in via an out of band swap
  • The new hx-replace-url attribute can be used to replace the current URL in the location
    bar (very similar to hx-push-url but no new history entry is created). The corresponding HX-Replace-Url response header can be used as well.
  • htmx now properly handles anchors in both boosted links, as well as in hx-get, etc. attributes


July 12, 2022, midnight
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