Tempo - v2.3.0

Breaking Changes

  • Removed deprecated config option: distributor.log_received_traces. Use the distributor.log_received_spans config block instead.
  • Removed frontend metrics tempo_query_frontend_queries_total{op="searchtags|metrics"}


  • [CHANGE] Update Go to 1.21 #2486 (@zalegrala)
  • [CHANGE] Moved the tempo_ingester_traces_created_total metric to be incremented when a trace is cut to the wal #2884 (@joe-elliott)
  • [CHANGE] Upgrade from deprecated azure-storage-blob-go SDK to azure-sdk-for-go #2835 (@LasseHels)
  • [CHANGE] Metrics summary API validate the requested time range #2902 (@mdisibio)
  • [CHANGE] Restructure Azure backends into versioned backends. Introduce use_v2_sdk config option for switching. #2952 (@zalegrala)
    v1: azure-storage-blob-go original (now deprecated) SDK
    v2: azure-sdk-for-go
  • [CHANGE] Adjust trace size estimation to better honor row group size settings. #3038 (@joe-elliott)
  • [CHANGE] Update alpine image version to 3.18. #3046 (@joe-elliott)
  • [CHANGE] Overrides module refactor #2688 (@mapno)
    Added new defaults block to the overrides' module. Overrides change to indented syntax.
    Old config:
  ingestion_rate_strategy: local
  ingestion_rate_limit_bytes: 12345
  ingestion_burst_size_bytes: 67890
  max_search_duration: 17s
  forwarders: ['foo']
  metrics_generator_processors: [service-graphs, span-metrics]

New config:

      rate_strategy: local
      rate_limit_bytes: 12345
      burst_size_bytes: 67890
      max_search_duration: 17s
    forwarders: ['foo']
      processors: [service-graphs, span-metrics]


  • [FEATURE] New TraceQL structural operators ancestor (<<), parent (<) #2877 (@kousikmitra)
  • [FEATURE] Add the /api/status/buildinfo endpoint #2702 (@fabrizio-grafana)
  • [FEATURE] New encoding vParquet3 with support for dedicated attribute columns (@mapno, @stoewer) #2649
  • [FEATURE] Add filtering support to Generic Forwarding #2742 (@Blinkuu)
  • [FEATURE] Add cli command to print out summary of large traces #2775 (@ie-pham)
  • [FEATURE] Added not structural operators to TraceQL: !>, !<, and !~ #2993 (@joe-elliott)


  • [ENHANCEMENT] Make metrics-generator ingestion slack per tenant #2589 (@ie-pham)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Support quoted attribute name in TraceQL #3004 (@kousikmitra)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add support for searching by span status message using statusMessage keyword #2848 (@kousikmitra)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add block indexes to vParquet2 and vParquet3 to improve trace by ID lookup #2697 (@mdisibio)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Assert ingestion rate limits as early as possible #2640 (@mghildiy)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add several metrics-generator fields to user-configurable overrides #2711 (@kvrhdn)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Update /api/metrics/summary to correctly handle missing attributes and improve performance of TraceQL select() queries. #2765 (@mdisibio)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Tempo CLI command to convert from vParquet2 -> 3. #2828 (@joe-elliott)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add TempoUserConfigurableOverridesReloadFailing alert #2784 (@kvrhdn)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add RootSpanName and RootServiceName to log about discarded spans #2816 (@marcinginszt)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add UserID to log message about rate limiting #2850 (@lshippy)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Requests to Azure Blob Storage will now be retried once instead of zero times #2835 (@LasseHels)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add span metrics filter policies to user-configurable overrides #2906 (@rlankfo)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add collection-interval to metrics-generator config in user-configurable overrides #2899 (@rlankfo)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Enforce max trace size on the trace by id path. #2935 (@joe-elliott)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add target_info_excluded_dimensions to user-config api #2945 (@ie-pham)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] User-configurable overrides: add scope query parameter to return merged overrides for tenant #2915 #3018 (@kvrhdn)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add histogram buckets to metrics-generator config in user-configurable overrides #2928 (@mar4uk)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Adds websocket support for search streaming. #2971 (@joe-elliott)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add new config block to distributors to produce debug metrics. #3008 (@joe-elliott)
    Breaking Change Removed deprecated config option: distributor.log_received_traces
  • [ENHANCEMENT] added a metrics generator config option to enable/disable X-Scope-OrgID headers on remote write. #2974 (@vineetjp)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Correctly return RetryInfo to Otel Collector/Grafana Agent on ResourceExhausted. This allows the agents to honor their own retry settings. #3019 (@joe-elliott)


  • [BUGFIX] Unescape tag names #2894 (@fabrizio-grafana)
  • [BUGFIX] Load defaults for the internal server #3041 (@rubenvp8510)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix pass-through to runtime overrides for FilterPolicies and TargetInfoExcludedDimensions #3012 (@electron0zero)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix panic in metrics summary api #2738 (@mdisibio)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix rare deadlock when uploading blocks to Azure Blob Storage #2129 (@LasseHels)
  • [BUGFIX] Only search ingester blocks that fall within the request time range. #2783 (@joe-elliott)
  • [BUGFIX] Align tempo_query_frontend_queries_total and tempo_query_frontend_queries_within_slo_total. #2840 (@joe-elliott)
    This query will now correctly tell you %age of requests that are within SLO:
    sum(rate(tempo_query_frontend_queries_within_slo_total{}[1m])) by (op) / sum(rate(tempo_query_frontend_queries_total{}[1m])) by (op)
    BREAKING CHANGE Removed: tempo_query_frontend_queries_total{op="searchtags|metrics"}.
  • [BUGFIX] To support blob storage in Azure Stack Hub as backend. #2853 (@chlislb)
  • [BUGFIX] Respect spss on GRPC streaming. #2971 (@joe-elliott)
  • [BUGFIX] Moved empty root span substitution from querier to query-frontend. #2671 (@galalen)
  • [BUGFIX] Correctly propagate ingester errors on the query path #2935 (@joe-elliott)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix issue where ingester doesn't stop query after timeout #3031 (@mdisibio)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix cases where empty filter {} wouldn't return expected results #2498 (@mdisibio)
  • [BUGFIX] Reorder S3 credential chain and upgrade minio-go. native_aws_auth_enabled is deprecated #3006 (@ekristen, @mapno)


Oct. 30, 2023, 5:45 p.m.
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