Tempo - v2.1.0

Breaking Changes

  • [CHANGE] Breaking Change Remove support for search on v2 blocks. #2159 (@joe-elliott)
    Removed config options:
    overrides: max_search_bytes_per_trace: search_tags_allow_list: search_tags_deny_list:
    Removed metrics:
  • [CHANGE] BREAKING CHANGE Change metrics prefixed with cortex_ to tempo_ #2204 (@mapno)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add Throughput and SLO Metrics with SLOConfig in Query Frontend #2008 (@electron0zero)
  • BREAKING CHANGE query_frontend_result_metrics_inspected_bytes metric removed in favour of query_frontend_bytes_processed_per_second


  • [CHANGE] Stop caching parquet files for search #2164 (@mapno)
  • [CHANGE] Update Go to 1.20 #2079 (@scalalang2)
  • [CHANGE] Upgrade OTel to v0.74.0 #2317 (@mapno)


  • [FEATURE] New parquet based block format vParquet2 #2244 (@stoewer)
  • [FEATURE] Add support for Azure Workload Identity authentication #2195 (@LambArchie)
  • [FEATURE] Add flag to check configuration #2131 (@robertscherbarth @agrib-01)
  • [FEATURE] Add flag to optionally enable all available Go runtime metrics #2005 (@andreasgerstmayr)
  • [FEATURE] Add support for span kind to TraceQL #2217 (@joe-elliott)
  • [FEATURE] Add support for min/max/sum aggregates to TraceQL#2255 (@joe-elliott)


  • [ENHANCEMENT] Capture and update search metrics for TraceQL #2087 (@electron0zero)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add support for s3 session token in static config #2093 (@farodin91)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Metrics generator to make use of counters earlier #2068 (@zalegrala)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Log when a trace is too large to compact #2105 (@scalalang2)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add support for arbitrary arithemtic to TraceQL queries #2146 (@joe-elliott)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] tempo-cli: add command to migrate a tenant #2130 (@kvrhdn)
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added the ability to multiple span metrics by an attribute such as X-SampleRatio #2172 (@altanozlu)


  • [BUGFIX] Correctly connect context during compaction #2220 (@ie-pham)
  • [BUGFIX] Apply rate() to bytes/s panel in tenant's dashboard. #2081 (@mapno)
  • [BUGFIX] Retry copy operations during compaction in GCS backend #2111 (@mapno)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix float/int comparisons in TraceQL. #2139 (@joe-elliott)
  • [BUGFIX] Improve locking and search head block in SearchTagValuesV2 #2164 (@mapno)
  • [BUGFIX] Fix not closing WAL block file before attempting to delete the folder. #2152 (@kostya9)
  • [BUGFIX] Stop searching for virtual tags if there are any hits.
    This prevents invalid values from showing up for intrinsics like status #2219 (@joe-elliott)
  • [BUGFIX] Correctly return unique spans when &&ing and ||ing spansets. #2254 (@joe-elliott)
  • [BUGFIX] Support negative values on aggregate filters like count() > -1. #2289 (@joe-elliott)
  • [BUGFIX] Support float as duration like {duration > 1.5s} [#2304]https://github.com/grafana/tempo/pull/2304 (@ie-pham)


April 26, 2023, 8:29 p.m.
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