Spacy - v3.7.3

✨ New features and improvements

  • Improve NumPy 2.0 compatibility (#13103).
  • Added language extensions for Faroese and Norwegian Nynorsk (#13116).
  • Add new TextCatReduce.v1 layer for text classification (#13181).
  • Add new TextCatParametricAttention.v1 layer for text classification (#13201).
  • Use build module for creating model packages by default (#13109).
  • Add support for code loading to the benchmark speed command (#13247).
  • Extend lexical attributes for English with more numericals (#13106).
  • Warn about reloading dependencies after downloading models (#13081).

🔴 Bug fixes

📖 Documentation and examples

👥 Contributors

@adrianeboyd, @danieldk, @evornov, @honnibal, @ines, @lise-brinck, @ridge-kimani, @rmitsch, @shadeMe, @svlandeg


Feb. 6, 2024, 10:13 a.m.
v3.7.3: new textcat layers and fo/nn language extensions
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