Spacy - v3.5.2

✨ New features and improvements

  • Add support for floret vectors in spacy pretrain (#12435).
  • Save final model as model-last.bin for spacy pretrain (#12459).
  • Support Span input for displacy.parse_deps (#12477).
  • Extend support to CuPy 12.0 for cupy install extras.

🔴 Bug fixes

  • 12398: Fix entity linker failure on sentence-crossing entities.

  • 12405: Fix sentence indexing bug in Span.sents.

  • 12469: Fix scores attribute for spancat_singlelabel.

  • 12484: Fix Span.sents when the final sentence is the last token in a Doc.

  • 12486: Fix pickle for the ngram suggester.

  • 12493: Include Span.kb_id and strings in Doc and DocBin serialization.

📖 Documentation and examples

  • Various documentation corrections and updates.
  • New addition to spaCy Universe:

👥 Contributors

@adrianeboyd, @BLKSerene, @honnibal, @ines, @kadarakos, @prajakta-1527, @rmitsch, @shadeMe, @sloev, @svlandeg, @thomashacker, @willfrey


April 12, 2023, 7:50 a.m.
v3.5.2: Pretraining improvements, bug fixes for spans and spancat and more
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