Solidity - v0.8.24

The release is still in progress. You may see broken links and binaries may not yet be available from all sources.

Introducing the newest version of the Solidity Compiler!
We are excited to announce the latest release of the Solidity Compiler, Solidity v0.8.24.

This newest version of the compiler includes the support for the EVM version "Cancun" and full support for various EIPs of Cancun such as support for transient storage, MCOPY, BLOBBASEFEE, BLOBHASH, changes in the SELFDESTRUCT opcode, & more.

Notable Features

  • Support for transient storage for inline assembly (EIP-1153)
  • Support for BLOBBASEFEE (EIP-7516)
  • Support for MCOPY (EIP-5656)
  • Support for Apple Silicon


Language Features

  • Introduce global block.blobbasefee for retrieving the blob base fee of the current block.
  • Introduce global function blobhash(uint) for retrieving versioned hashes of blobs, akin to the homonymous Yul builtin.
  • Yul: Introduce builtin blobbasefee() for retrieving the blob base fee of the current block.
  • Yul: Introduce builtin blobhash() for retrieving versioned hashes of blobs associated with the transaction.
  • Yul: Introduce builtin mcopy() for cheaply copying data between memory areas.
  • Yul: Introduce builtins tload() and tstore() for transient storage access.

Compiler Features

  • EVM: Support for the EVM Version "Cancun".
  • SMTChecker: Support bytes.concat except when string literals are passed as arguments.
  • Standard JSON Interface: Add experimental support to import EVM assembly in the format used by --asm-json.
  • TypeChecker: Comparison of internal function pointers now yields a warning, as it can produce unexpected results with the legacy pipeline enabled.


  • AST import: Fix bug when importing inline assembly with empty let variable declaration.

We especially thank all the contributors that made this release possible:
Alexander Arlt, Bhargava Shastry, Daniel Kirchner, GoodDaisy, Jitendra Kumar, Kamil ลšliwak, Matheus Aguiar, Nikola Matiฤ‡, Qi He, Sukey, Vishwa Mehta, pgebal, r0qs, xiaolou86


Jan. 25, 2024, 10:28 a.m.
Version 0.8.24
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