Harbor - v2.5.1

What's Changed

Enhancement 🚀

  • cherry-pick to release-2.5.0: improve GC log message by @zyyw in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/16818
  • [cherry-pick]Add release.yml to automate release notes by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/16819
  • Improve accessory component by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/16869

Component updates ⬆️

  • cherry-pick to release-2.5.0: fix registry/redis.patch & registry/builder by @zyyw in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/16787
  • [cherry-pick]fix close response missing by @wy65701436 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/16822
  • [cherry-pick] chore(deps): bump Trivy adapter from v0.26.0 to v0.28.0 (#16729) by @zyyw in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/16830
  • [cherry-pick] fix: gc history update_time by @zyyw in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/16847
  • fix artifact count issue by @wy65701436 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/16855
  • fix accessory count issue by @wy65701436 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/16867
  • bump up beego to v1.12.9 on release-2.5.0 by @MinerYang in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/16905
  • [cherry-pick ] fix replication issue on signature by @wy65701436 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/16913

Other Changes

  • Add retries to test cases by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/16691
  • [cherry-pick]Add test case for Enable Deployment Security Policy replication by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/16738

Full Changelog: https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/compare/v2.5.0...v2.5.1


May 30, 2022, 3:14 a.m.
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