Harbor - v2.7.0

What's Changed

Exciting New Features 🎉

Jobservice monitor

Add the job service dashboard to monitor and control the job queues/schedules/workers
* Add jobservice monitoring api list pool, worker and stop running task by @stonezdj in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17658
* feat: support customize session timeout by @chlins in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17767
* Add REST API to list job queue status, pause/resume job queue and list schedulers by @stonezdj in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17707
* Add Jobservice UI by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17722

Replication by chunk

Support copy over chunk when copying image blobs for harbor replication.
* feat: introduce the copy by chunk for replication by @chlins in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17602
* Add copy_by-chunk checkbox for replication rule by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17617

Additional Features

  • Add session timeout input by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17769
  • Add JFrog Artifactory As Supported Proxy-Cache Registry Source by @erismaster in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17738
  • Sort group search result by most match order by @stonezdj in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17708
  • bump beego by @wy65701436 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17801
  • bump up golang to 1.19.4 by @MinerYang in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17996

Deprecations ❌

  • Start the deprecation of Chartmuseum from v2.6.0 and begin to remove in v2.8.0. More details, please refer to the discussion.
  • Start the deprecation of Notary(signer&server) from v2.6.0 and begin to remove in v2.8.0. More details, please refer to the discussion.
  • Remove email config page by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17711
  • Remove email configuration by @stonezdj in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17712
  • Drop build postgresql 9.6 by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17458. Because of this change, for those who want to upgrade to v2.7.0, you must first upgrade the version to any of [v2.5.0 ~ v2.6.2] firstly, then upgrade to v2.7.0

Enhancement 🚀

  • Fix ui issues found in testing-day-round-2 by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17357
  • Improve input validator for copy-component by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17310
  • Improve unit test for sub-accessories component by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17372
  • Refactor swagger ui by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17428
  • Add WASM filter for artifacts list by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17447
  • Fix css issue for resource type filter by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17529
  • Refactor artifact-list-tab component by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17542
  • Change ldap.Search to ldap.SearchWithPaging by @stonezdj in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17534
  • Refactor artifact-list component by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17577
  • Simplify proxy config by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17548
  • Add default project when pulling from dockerhub without project name by @stonezdj in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17537
  • Fix ecr authorization token issue by @vincentni in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17645
  • Fix redirect url redirect_url when OIDC auth mode is enabled by @tpoxa in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17628
  • Update the way for generating new cli secret by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17744
  • Add JFrog Artifactory As Supported Proxy-Cache Registry Source by @erismaster in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17738
  • Improve css for tags column by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17734
  • Add OIDC group filter input by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17752
  • Add OIDC group filter by @stonezdj in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17736
  • Migrate policy API calls to generated service by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17782
  • Sort group search result by most match order by @stonezdj in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17708
  • Add auto-assignee for new PRs by @OrlinVasilev in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17753
  • Update cve export UI by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17814
  • add parameters for PostgreSQL by @sayaoailun in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/16641

Component updates ⬆️

  • fix cve allowlist projectmeta validation by @elenz97 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/15800
  • Fix null pointer issue for creating reolication rule by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17274
  • fix: oidc token is not respected in /service/token endpoint by @tmaroschik in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/16442
  • upgrade: bump up beego to 1.12.11 by @chlins in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17277
  • feature: Use RegisteredClaims instead of deprecated staruct StandardClaims by @wujunwei in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/16206
  • Upgrade Angular dev-tool package by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17287
  • Return time.Time{} when cron string is empty by @stonezdj in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17289
  • update image extra attributes author in labels by @MinerYang in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17291
  • bumpup golang to v1.18.5 by @MinerYang in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17307
  • fix copy artifact accessory quota issue by @wy65701436 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17293
  • fix: reduce the high db cpu usage for tag retention by @chlins in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17296
  • fix: replication webhook lost when src namespace different with dest by @chlins in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17312
  • _version:2.6.0 correction in migration yml jinja by @MinerYang in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17328
  • enhancement: add error log for create task by @chlins in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17397
  • Update to latest version of angular by @mrbusche in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17303
  • upgrade: bump up mockery to v2.14.0 by @chlins in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17415
  • Update portal-base and nginx-base Dockerfile.base by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17442
  • Change title for Swagger UI by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17451
  • Remove preload for theme css files by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17468
  • Correct i18n key for zh-cn-lang.json by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17457
  • fix: handle the break change for parse external sentinel redis url by @chlins in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17501
  • Fix cross account issue by @vincentni in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17533
  • Add check on the audit log forward and skip audit log database by @stonezdj in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17575
  • Drop build postgresql 9.6 by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17458
  • Bump up golang version to v1.19 by @MinerYang in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17588
  • Refresh config every time entering the configuration page by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17600
  • Improve auth check guard service by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17605
  • Fix message processing issue by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17609
  • Bump actions/stale from 5.0.0 to 6.0.1 by @dependabot in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17638
  • Bump codecov/codecov-action from 1 to 3 by @dependabot in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17640
  • Remove validator for username claim input by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17663
  • Bump actions/checkout from 2 to 3 by @dependabot in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17660
  • Bump actions/setup-node from 1 to 3 by @dependabot in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17641
  • Bump github/codeql-action from 1 to 2 by @dependabot in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17639
  • feat: bump TRIVYVERSION to v0.32.1 and bump TRIVYADAPTERVERSION to v0.30.2 by @zyyw in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17681
  • bump up golang to 1.19.2 by @MinerYang in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17694
  • bump up helm.sh/helm/v3 by @MinerYang in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17698
  • bump up golang.org/x/text to v0.4.0 by @MinerYang in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17689
  • Add check when adding project member by @stonezdj in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17701
  • feat: log completion message when database migrated by @chlins in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17684
  • bump up github.com/prometheus/client_golang to v1.13.0 by @MinerYang in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17688
  • fix: add human friendly message when export cve job failure by @chlins in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17726
  • Bump mheap/github-action-required-labels from 1 to 2 by @dependabot in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17682
  • bump up golang.org/x/crypto to v0.1.0 by @MinerYang in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17691
  • Add triggers and filters check for target changing under push mode by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17731
  • add cli randomly for empty update by @wy65701436 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17740
  • bump up golang to 1.19.3 by @MinerYang in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17751
  • feat: support customize registry http client timeout by @chlins in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17768
  • Fix permission issue for edit button of repo info by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17775
  • fix permission denied error for non existing projects (#17586) by @tpoxa in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17619
  • fix: pre check notification enable for artifact webhook by @chlins in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17779
  • Replaced io/ioutil with \os / io\ package. by @yanggangtony in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17792
  • fix: skip to push system artifact for empty CSV file by @chlins in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17816
  • Fix issue related to redhat registry proxy cache by @stonezdj in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17789
  • Updated German Translation by @sluetze in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17829
  • add migration script for 2.7 by @MinerYang in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17838
  • Update English text for job service UI by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17832
  • bump beego by @wy65701436 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17801
  • Update schedule list by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17851
  • Update i18n for group filter and schedule list by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17884
  • Update jobservice dashboard UI by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17894
  • Change inputs type from text to number by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17897
  • update system artifact schedult timeout by @wy65701436 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17902
  • fix: align some configuration api fields validation with frontend by @chlins in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17903
  • Refresh base images by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17907
  • bump up golang.org/x/net to v0.2.0 by @MinerYang in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17909
  • remove artifact_blob with aritfact deletion by @wy65701436 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17938
  • remove the redundant data from table artifact_blob by @wy65701436 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17959
  • (cherry-pick) Update the log information in proxy cache by @stonezdj in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17945
  • (cherry-pick) Avoid internal error in the UI when reset a schedule by @stonezdj in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17960
  • [Cherry-pick]Fix some UI issues by @AllForNothing in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17965
  • [Cherry-pick] fix: upgrade trivy version to v0.35.0 and trivy-adapter version to v0.30.3 by @zyyw in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17977
  • Bump up golang 1.19.4 for release 2.7.0 by @MinerYang in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17996
  • [Cherry-pick] fix: upgrade TRIVYADAPTERVERSION to v0.30.5 by @zyyw in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/18003

Other Changes

  • Add purge audit log API test cases by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17175
  • Update replication and trivy testcases by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17367
  • Add audit log and log rotation test cases by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17465
  • Remove the log in testcase by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17500
  • Update filter label xpath by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17585
  • Add audit log forword API test case by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17589
  • Add audit log forward UI testcase by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17591
  • Add dependabot.yaml to enable PRs by @OrlinVasilev in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17620
  • Add scan data export API test case by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17603
  • Remove singularity testcase by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17664
  • Add labeling for dependa bot PRs by @OrlinVasilev in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17662
  • Add export CVE UI testcase by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17672
  • Bump docker-practice/actions-setup-docker from 0.0.1 to 1.0.11 by @dependabot in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17661
  • test: use T.Setenv to set env vars in tests by @Juneezee in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17670
  • Add FOSSA badge and licence analysis by @OrlinVasilev in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17656
  • Remove email config testcases by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17763
  • Update e2e engine image by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17793
  • Add metrics test case by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17795
  • Modify audit log forward test case by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17780
  • Fix setup gcloud error by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17847
  • add new workflow for nightly image scan by @akhilerm in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17818
  • Refresh the base images by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17963
  • Refresh base images on release-2.7.0 by @YangJiao0817 in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17988

New Contributors

  • @tmaroschik made their first contribution in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/16442
  • @wujunwei made their first contribution in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/16206
  • @lengrongfu made their first contribution in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17306
  • @mrbusche made their first contribution in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17303
  • @vincentni made their first contribution in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17533
  • @gaius-qi made their first contribution in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17581
  • @Juneezee made their first contribution in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17670
  • @94rain made their first contribution in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17718
  • @erismaster made their first contribution in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17738
  • @yanggangtony made their first contribution in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17792
  • @akhilerm made their first contribution in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/17818
  • @sayaoailun made their first contribution in https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/pull/16641

Full Changelog: https://github.com/goharbor/harbor/compare/v2.6.0...v2.7.0


Dec. 19, 2022, 2:39 a.m.
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