Fleet - v0.9.1



  • Allow correctDrift to be overridden in target customization by @raulcabello in https://github.com/rancher/fleet/pull/1982
  • Add azure webhook by @raulcabello in https://github.com/rancher/gitjob/pull/412
  • Keep CRDs when deleting a Bundle by @raulcabello in https://github.com/rancher/fleet/pull/2024
  • Add security context to token cleanup job by @weyfonk in https://github.com/rancher/fleet/pull/2192


  • Use index when listing BundleDeployments by Bundle by @aruiz14 in https://github.com/rancher/fleet/pull/1954
  • Replace json-based implementation of DeepCopy on GenericMap by @aruiz14 in https://github.com/rancher/fleet/pull/1955
  • Use UniqueApplyForResourceVersion in Bundle and GitRepo GeneratingHandlers by @aruiz14 in https://github.com/rancher/fleet/pull/2061
  • Reduce BundleDeployment triggering on deployed resources updates by @aruiz14 in https://github.com/rancher/fleet/pull/2031


  • Fix azure devops git clone error by @raulcabello in https://github.com/rancher/gitjob/pull/400
  • Add http proxy env vars to containers and initContainers created by GitJob by @raulcabello in https://github.com/rancher/gitjob/pull/380
  • Add support for Azure DevOps Webhook for gitRepos using SSH URL by @p-se in https://github.com/rancher/gitjob/pull/446
  • Fixes panic when imagescan uses prereleases and * by @0xavi0 in https://github.com/rancher/fleet/pull/2183
  • Fix Existing Namespace Not Found By Label by @manno in https://github.com/rancher/fleet/pull/2204

What's Changed

  • Bump to gitjob chart v0.9.1 by @manno in https://github.com/rancher/fleet/pull/2079
  • OCI test changes by @aruiz14 in https://github.com/rancher/fleet/pull/1959
  • OCI auth test changes by @aruiz14 in https://github.com/rancher/fleet/pull/1961
  • Remove s390x by @raulcabello in https://github.com/rancher/fleet/pull/2027
  • Remove s390x by @raulcabello in https://github.com/rancher/gitjob/pull/381
  • BCI base version by @manno in https://github.com/rancher/fleet/pull/2064
  • Update CI for k8s 1.29 by @manno in https://github.com/rancher/fleet/pull/2072
  • Bump go git 5.11 by @manno in https://github.com/rancher/fleet/pull/2059
  • Bump go-git module by @manno in https://github.com/rancher/gitjob/pull/406
  • Bump wrangler/v2 by @manno in https://github.com/rancher/gitjob/pull/408

Full Changelog: https://github.com/rancher/fleet/compare/v0.9.0...v0.9.1


March 21, 2024, 4:35 p.m.
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