Emissary-Ingress - v2.5.1


:tada: Emissary Ingress 2.5.1 :tada:

Emissary Ingress is an open source, Kubernetes-native microservices API gateway built on the Envoy Proxy.

Upgrade Emissary - https://www.getambassador.io/reference/upgrading.html
View changelog - https://github.com/emissary-ingress/emissary/blob/v2.5.1/CHANGELOG.md
Get started with Emissary on Kubernetes - https://www.getambassador.io/user-guide/getting-started

  • Feature: Support for the getambassador.io/v1 apiVersion has been re-introduced, in order to
    facilitate smoother migrations from Emissary-ingress 1.y. Previously, in order to make migrations
    possible, an "unserved" v1 version was declared to Kubernetes, but was unsupported by
    Emissary-ingress. That unserved v1 could cause an excess of errors to be logged by the
    Kubernetes Nodes (regardless of whether the installation was migrated from 1.y or was a fresh 2.y
    install); fully supporting v1 again should resolve these errors.

  • Security: Update Golang to release 1.19.4. Two CVE's were annouced in this z patch release.
    CVE-2022-41720 only affects Windows environments and Emissary-ingress runs in linux. The second
    one CVE-2022-41717 only affects HTTP/2 server connections exposed to external clients.
    Emissary-ingress does not expose any Golang http servers to outside clients. The data-plane of
    Envoy is not affected by either of these.

  • Security: Updated Golang to the latest z patch. We are not vulnerable to the CVE-2022-3602 that
    was released in 1.19.3 and you can read more about it here:
    Updating to the latest z patch as part of our normal dependency update process and this will help
    reduce the noise of security scanners.


Dec. 9, 2022, 7:55 p.m.
Emissary Ingress 2.5.1
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