Docker Compose - v2.24.7

What's Changed

🐛 Fixes

  • Ensure stable priority sort order for networks (#11510, #11429, compose-spec/compose-go#580)
  • Fix interpolation with curly braces (e.g. JSON) in default values (compose-spec/compose-go#581)
  • Fix validation for non-unique container_name values (compose-spec/compose-go#583, compose-spec/compose-go#585)
  • Fix validation for (#11507, compose-spec/compose-go#586)
  • Fix environment loading for include (#11509, compose-spec/compose-go#582)
  • Fix panic when merging labels/networks (#11520, compose-spec/compose-go#584)
  • Support --no-path-resolution when using include (#11508, compose-spec/compose-go#579)
  • Fix missing project name errors (#11450, compose-spec/compose-go#578)
  • Force plain progress mode when ANSI disabled (#11514)
  • Fix --no-interpolate flag on config (#11556)
  • Workaround for file lock issues with Watch mode on Windows (#11513)
  • Fix duplicate exit code status messages (#11562)
  • Respect COMPOSE_REMOVE_ORPHANS on up (#11462)

✨ Improvements

  • Add --watch flag to up (#11525)
  • Optimize order of scale down when removing replicas (#11473)

🔧 Internal

  • Generate test summaries in CI (#11558)

⚙️ Dependencies

  • Docker v24.0.5 (#11566)
  • Go 1.21.8 (#11578)
  • compose-go v2.0.0-rc8 (#11536)


  • discard stdout for laaarge log test by @ndeloof in
  • sort containers to optimize scale down by @ndeloof in
  • ci: bump engine version to 25.0.3 by @laurazard in
  • Issue-11374: Modified compose up command to respect COMPOSE_REMOVE_ORPHANS environment variable by @batcity in
  • when ran with ANSI disabled, force progress=plain by @ndeloof in
  • Apply --quiet-pull option when creating dependencies from run command by @glours in
  • use a dedicated compose file for --quiet-pull e2e test by @glours in
  • bump compose-go to version v2.0.0-rc.8 by @glours in
  • Double check watch pid if detected as still running on Windows by @glours in
  • get log to manage attach by @ndeloof in
  • Remove docker cli step in ci.yml by @jhrotko in
  • restore support for config --no-interpolate by @ndeloof in
  • introduce --watch by @ndeloof in
  • avoid duplicated "xx exited with code 0" message by @ndeloof in
  • make code simpler by @ndeloof in
  • wip add test summary in ci by @jhrotko in
  • ci(deps): bump moby/moby & docker/cli to v25.0.4 by @milas in
  • chore(deps): upgrade go to 1.21.8 by @milas in

New Contributors

  • @batcity made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


March 6, 2024, 2:45 p.m.
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