Docker Compose - v2.14.1

What's Changed

✨ Enhancements

  • introduce --parallel to limit concurrent engine calls by @ndeloof in
  • distinguish stdout and stderr in up logs by @ndeloof in
  • align compose ps output with docker ps by @ndeloof in
  • Add --include-deps to push command by @gferon in
  • introduce --timestamp option on compose up by @ndeloof in
  • apply uid/gid when creating secret from environment by @ndeloof in

🐛 Fixes

  • fix deadlock waiting for attached-dependencies by @ndeloof in
  • fix race condition collecting pulled images IDs by @ndeloof in
  • Don't stop pull for images that can be built by @ndeloof in
  • Fix corner case when there's no container to attach to by @ndeloof in
  • ContainerStart must run sequentially for engine to assing distinct ports within configured range by @ndeloof in
  • fix parsing of repository:tag by @ndeloof in
  • load project from files when explicitly set by user by @ndeloof in

🔧 Internal

  • port: improve error-handling if port not found by @milas in
  • check only running containers in after down tests of profiles e2e tests by @glours in
  • Cleanup tips from output by @thaJeztah in
  • added table of contents inside readme by @nitinmewar in
  • remove go.* from e2e tests directory by @glours in
  • Add scorecard GitHub action by @joycebrum in
  • resolve --env-file as absolute path by @ndeloof in
  • use StatusError from docker/cli, not "dockerd" by @thaJeztah in
  • use recently introduced withSelectedServicesOnly to reduce code duplication by @ndeloof in


  • build(deps): bump from 1.11.1 to 1.11.2 by @dependabot in
  • update to go1.19.4 by @thaJeztah in
  • build(deps): bump from 1.6.10 to 1.6.12 by @dependabot in

New Contributors

  • @nitinmewar made their first contribution in
  • @joycebrum made their first contribution in
  • @gferon made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


Dec. 15, 2022, 3:59 p.m.
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