Constellation - v2.15.0

What's Changed

🛠 Breaking changes

  • terraform-provider: require kubernetes and microservice version by @elchead in

🎁 New features

  • Add pod disruption budgets so the cluster-autoscaler is able to move kube-admin namespaced resources by @3u13r in
  • cli: support for GCP marketplace images by @msanft in
  • attestation: enable Constellation for Azure TDX by @daniel-weisse in

🐛 Bug fixes

  • terraform-provider: fix parsing api_server_cert_sans by @3u13r in
  • helm: masq traffic to the mini-qemu-metadata container so that the join-service can retrieve its metadata by @3u13r in
  • cli: fix AWS SEV-SNP latest version resolution in cluster by @elchead in
  • terraform-provider: validate microservice and image version during plan by @elchead in
  • operator: fix node upgrades when using Azure marketplace images by @msanft in
  • cilium: performance fixes and reproducible images by @burgerdev @3u13r in

🔧 Other changes

  • Add Azure region Germany West Central by @m1ghtym0 in

Full Changelog:


Jan. 31, 2024, 1:04 p.m.
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