Argo CD - v2.7.15

Quick Start


kubectl create namespace argocd
kubectl apply -n argocd -f


kubectl create namespace argocd
kubectl apply -n argocd -f

Release Signatures and Provenance

All Argo CD container images are signed by cosign. A Provenance is generated for container images and CLI binaries which meet the SLSA Level 3 specifications. See the documentation on how to verify.


If upgrading from a different minor version, be sure to read the upgrading documentation.


Bug fixes

  • 1199f5941010d12a3d0005763f07c5eb6e60ae41: fix(appset): performProgressiveSyncs only when the applicationset is using it (#15299) (#15992) (@gcp-cherry-pick-bot[bot])
  • e74c6ca460266768ef5279421863966c05fd2362: fix(notifications): Allow notifications controller to notify on all namespaces (cherry-pick 2.7) (#15856) (@crenshaw-dev)
  • 733bcab30d906dc1df1ca20f00b5c4a2fd86cb27: fix(server): not need send application if it is not under enabled namespaces (#14479) (#15474) (@jannfis)
  • 257be07d681a9f9e8c480f32dedbb64ec499ddf5: fix: Allow retrieving badges in other namespaces (#15468) (#15483) (@jannfis)
  • 8da0d9e727acd0a557385299182b5f5539088ee2: fix: Updated docs about using a slash in ignoreDifferences (#15144) (#15169) (@gcp-cherry-pick-bot[bot])
  • 6ab8512998afeef2662b48b1ffb4134565ca800b: fix: argocd notification controller app cluster permission issue (#16057) (#16161) (@gcp-cherry-pick-bot[bot])
  • 67734db60c484bf9e0557cf5f9157f5feff5aba7: fix: handle annotations for resources with ':' in the name (#15101) (#15380) (#15413) (@gcp-cherry-pick-bot[bot])
  • 0b4d410a5176b079e483f2bf67eee5ebac1ef643: fix: helm set parameter to allow passing list parameters (#15978) (#15995) (@gcp-cherry-pick-bot[bot])
  • 3cc00d2c77ae7b55c27e480be54fb1a06dc9eda0: fix: make WatchResourceTree use namespaced cache key (#15258) (#15523) (@gcp-cherry-pick-bot[bot])


  • 5d144112ec362401df4538d9039ac02c1d7a5932: docs(cmp): fix CMP param getter example (#16077) (#16190) (#16199) (@gcp-cherry-pick-bot[bot])
  • 86b382798b75e99992b5f9ec38af3b62dd45e86d: docs: 'action' RBAC example for Kind without group (#15589) (#15598) (@gcp-cherry-pick-bot[bot])
  • 51b1d50efd3b3dfd56f6d3795c2a5f8b3a7f2c10: docs: Fix docs for destinations in AppProjects (#15153) (#15182) (#15539) (@gcp-cherry-pick-bot[bot])

Dependency updates

  • 66a8905181ad49a4cd0982644815fb8ee626fdfe: chore(deps): bump cosign-installer from 3.0.1 to 3.2.0 (#16537) (@crenshaw-dev)
  • 007dc549053b1ac830370903d07e85606d420e0a: chore(deps): upgrade Go version to 1.20 (#16100) (@iam-veeramalla)

Other work

  • 5e718721665b2bb4dc56f9b203d5b387987d7e4e: chore: Upgrade Redis to redis:7.0.14 (#16164) (#16221) (@shyukri)
  • 485731d6058d37cc19973904c45f8dac6019d880: fix(#12862): Update FlinkDeployment health check to support Flink v1.x (#15065) (#15559) (@gcp-cherry-pick-bot[bot])
  • 0ef9f0986f2bc328aca51417e6cb735bbe890656: fix(repo-server): avoid fetching commit sha for multisource applications (#15037) (#15067) (#15556) (@gcp-cherry-pick-bot[bot])

Full Changelog:


Dec. 6, 2023, 3:59 p.m.
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