Zulip - 4.4

4.4 -- 2021-07-22

  • Added a tool to fix potential database corruption caused by host OS
  • Fixed a possible denial-of-service attack in Markdown fenced code
    block parsing.
  • Smokescreen, if installed, now defaults to only listening on; this prevents it from being used as an open HTTP proxy if
    it did not have other firewalls protecting incoming port 4750.
  • Fixed a performance/scalability issue for installations using the S3
    file uploads backend.
  • Fixed a bug where users could turn other users’ messages they could
    read into widgets (e.g. polls).
  • Fixed a bug where emoji and avatar image requests were sent through
    Camo; doing so does not add any security benefit, and broke custom
    emoji that had been imported from Slack in Zulip 1.8.1 or earlier.
  • Changed to log just a warning, instead of an exception, in the case
    that the embed_links worker cannot fetch previews for all links in
    a message within the 30-second timeout. Each preview request within
    a message already has a 15-second timeout.
  • Ensured psycopg2 is installed before starting
    process_fts_updates; otherwise, it might fail to start several
    times before the package was installed.
  • Worked around a bug in supervisor where, when using SysV init,
    /etc/init.d/supervisor restart would only have stopped, not
    restarted, the process.
  • Modified upgrade scripts to better handle failure, and suggest next
    steps and point to logs.
  • Zulip now hides the “show password” eye icon that IE and Edge
    browsers place in password inputs; this duplicated the
    already-present JavaScript-based functionality.
  • Fixed “OR” glitch on login page if SAML authentication is enabled
    but not configured.
  • The send_test_email management command now shows the full SMTP
    conversation on failure.
  • Provided a change_password management command which takes a
    --realm option.
  • Fixed upgrade-zulip-from-git crashing in CSS source map generation
    on 1-CPU systems.
  • Added an auto_signup field in SAML configuration to auto-create
    accounts upon first login attempt by users which are authenticated
    by SAML.
  • Provided better error messages when puppet_classes in zulip.conf
    are mistakenly space-separated instead of comma-separated.
  • Updated translations for many languages.


July 22, 2021, 11:38 p.m.
Zulip Server 4.4
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