Waypoint - v0.4.1

0.4.1 (July 1, 2021)


  • config: Add ${app.name} variable [GH-1709]


  • cli: Fix incorrect description for hostname list command [GH-1628]
  • core: Correct parsing of boolean environment variables [GH-1699]
  • plugin/aws-alb: Update ALB Releaser to use new SDK Resource Manager [GH-1648]
  • ui: Add reporting on status of a release [GH-1657]


  • builtin/k8s: Fix ports configurability [GH-1650]
  • cli: Fix issue parsing string slice inputs [GH-1669]
  • cli: Ignore error on Unimplemented for health checks [GH-1596]
  • cli: Fix crash that could occur when running commands outside the context of a project with an hcl config file. [GH-1710]
  • cli: Prevent use of operation flags on runner agent command [GH-1708]
  • cli: Set runner poll interval default for runner defined in waypoint.hcl [GH-1690]
  • cli: List deployments shows status for each deployment [GH-1594]
  • core: Fix crash that could occur when using templatefile with certain HCL files [GH-1679]
  • plugin/aws-alb: Fix issue destroying when Target Group still in use [GH-1648]
  • plugin/docker: Fix issue falling back to img for builds when docker daemon not present [GH-1685]
  • plugin/nomad: Fix case where Nomad error would be ignored during a status check [GH-1723]
  • server/client: Configure keepalive properties to RPC connections to persist connections even after inactivity [GH-1735]
  • server/runner: Correctly exit liveness listener when connection is closed [GH-1732]
  • serverinstall/k8s: Accept k8s-namespace when uninstalling server [GH-1730]


July 1, 2021, 9:39 p.m.
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