Waypoint - v0.10.3

0.10.3 (November 03, 2022)


  • plugin/consul: Consul key-value data config sourcer plugin [GH-4045]


  • cli/config-sync: Add operations flags to config sync command. [GH-4143]
  • cli/fmt: Add a -check flag that will determine if the waypoint.hcl is already
    properly formatted, similar to terraform fmt -check. [GH-4020]
  • cli/pipeline_run: Show app deployment and release URLs if exist from running
    pipeline. Also show input variables used. [GH-4096]
  • cli: Add prune flags to waypoint deploy for configuring the automatic release. [GH-4114]
  • cli: Introduce new CLI flag -reattach for waypoint pipeline run which will stream
    an existing pipeline run either by the latest known run or a specific sequence id. [GH-4042]
  • cli: Only echo file name when config file is formatted with waypoint fmt. [GH-4111]
  • cli: Update waypoint runner profile inspect to show default runner profile
    if no name argument supplied. [GH-4078]
  • core: Auto run a status report after a deployment or release operation rather
    than only if waypoint deploy or waypoint release CLI is run. [GH-4099]
  • core: Combine git clone messages from job stream into a single message [GH-4115]
  • pipelines: Add ability to evaluate input variables in pipelines stanzas. [GH-4132]
  • ui/input-variables: Adds the ability to set an input variable as sensitive and hides its value from the list and form [GH-4139]


  • cli/runner-profile-set: Fix panic when setting runner profile environment variables [GH-3995]
  • cli/upgrade: Update the OCI URL for the bootstrap runner profile during server upgrade [GH-4175]
  • cli: Fix bug where input variables were not included on pipeline run jobs. [GH-4137]
  • cli: Fix panic in waypoint runner profile set when no flags are specified. [GH-4013]
  • cli: Fix panic in cli for waypoint task cancel if attempting to cancel by run
    job id with no argument. [GH-4019]
  • cli: Only show "CompleteTime" on waypoint pipeline list if the job has a valid
    complete time. [GH-4113]
  • cli: Remove automatic uppercasing of ids, so that future runner profiles will match [GH-4063]
  • cli: Respect the -workspace flag when requesting a logstream for a deployment
    by workspace [GH-4009]
  • core: Fix panic if no Use stanza found for given workspace scope on a build,
    deploy, release, or registry stanza. [GH-4112]
  • core: fix panic when null value is set on a string variable [GH-4067]
  • install/nomad: Update installation with Nomad to use CSI parameters. [GH-4157]
  • pipelines: Properly mark a pipeline run as complete [GH-4053]
  • plugin/docker: fix issue with authenticating with registries when using
    docker-pull [GH-4121]


Nov. 3, 2022, 7 p.m.
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