Vitess - v16.0.2


Release of Vitess v16.0.2


Upgrade to go1.20.3

Vitess v16.0.2 now runs on go1.20.3.
Below is a summary of this Go patch release. You can learn more here.

go1.20.3 (released 2023-04-04) includes security fixes to the go/parser, html/template, mime/multipart, net/http, and net/textproto packages, as well as bug fixes to the compiler, the linker, the runtime, and the time package. See the Go 1.20.3 milestone on our issue tracker for details.

EffectiveCallerId in Vtgate gRPC calls

A new flag grpc-use-static-authentication-callerid is added to gate the behavior introduced in
Earlier, we used to automatically set immediateCallerID to user from static authentication context that overrode the EffectiveCallerId.

Shard name validation in TopoServer

Prior to v16.0.2, it was possible to create a shard name with invalid characters, which would then be inaccessible to various cluster management operations.

Shard names may no longer contain the forward slash ("/") character, and TopoServer's CreateShard method returns an error if given such a name.

The entire changelog for this release can be found here.

The release includes 24 commits (excluding merges)

Thanks to all our contributors: @GuptaManan100, @ajm188, @frouioui, @github-actions[bot], @harshit-gangal, @mattlord, @systay, @vitess-bot[bot]


Security wording was detected, but no CVEs were found.


May 9, 2023, 3:15 p.m.
Vitess v16.0.2
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