Vagrant - 2.2.0

(October 16, 2018)


  • command/cloud: Introduce vagrant cloud subcommand to Vagrant [GH-10148]
  • command/upload: Add command for uploading files to guest [GH-10263]
  • command/winrm: Add command for executing guest commands via WinRM [GH-10263]
  • command/winrm-config: Add command for providing WinRM configuration [GH-10263]


  • core: Ensure file paths are identical when checking for cwd [GH-10220]
  • core: Add config option ignore_box_vagrantfile for ignoring vagrantfile inside box [GH-10242]
  • core/triggers: Add abort option to core triggers [GH-10232]
  • core/triggers: Introduce ruby option for trigger [GH-10267]
  • contrib/bash: Add completion for snapshot names for vagrant snapshot restore|delete [GH-9054]
  • providers/docker: Build docker from git repo [GH-10221]
  • providers/hyperv: Update Hyper-V admin check and allow override via ENV variable [GH-10275]
  • providers/virtualbox: Allow base_mac to be optional [GH-10255]
  • provisioners/salt: use -s with curl [GH-9432]
  • provisioners/salt: remove leading space with bootstrap_options [GH-9431]


  • core/environment: Provide rgloader for local plugin installations [GH-10279]
  • contrib/sudoers/osx: Fix missing comma and add remove export alias [GH-10235]
  • guest/redhat: Update restart logic in redhat change_host_name cap [GH-10223]
  • guest/windows: Allow special characters in SMB password field [GH-10219]
  • providers/hyperv: Only use AutomaticCheckpointsEnabled when available [GH-10264]
  • providers/hyperv: Only use CheckpointType when available [GH-10265]
  • provisioners/ansible: Fix remote directory creation [GH-10259, GH-10258]
  • provisioners/puppet: Properly set env variables for puppet provisioner on windows [GH-10218]
  • provisioners/salt: Properly set salt pillar variables for windows guests [GH-10215]
  • synced_folders/rsync: Ensure unique tmp dirs for ControlPath with rsync [GH-10291]


Oct. 16, 2018, midnight
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