TruffleHog - v3.34.0

What's Changed

  • Fixed contentfulpersonalaccesstoken regex by @amansakhuja in
  • Add max object size flag for s3 bucket scanning by @nyanshak in
  • add scripts to benchmark and plot performance across tags by @dustin-decker in
  • Implement EndpointCustomizer by @mcastorina in
  • add additional logging by @ahrav in
  • [chore] - format log msg by @ahrav in
  • Bump from 2.3.0 to 2.4.0 by @dependabot in
  • add tineswebhook detector by @jsolis in
  • Bump from 4.0.0-alpha.7 to 4.0.0-alpha.8 by @dependabot in
  • Bump from 1.10.8 to 1.10.9 by @dependabot in
  • Scan only for verified secrets in our CI by @dustin-decker in
  • add performance test by @zricethezav in
  • Add log to track git log size by @ahrav in
  • Extend cache interface by @ahrav in
  • Normalize GitHub repos during enumeration by @ahrav in
  • Output git timestamps as UTC times by @nyanshak in
  • Fix how we scan orgs by @ahrav in
  • [bug] - Update regex for ipstack by @ahrav in
  • Fix SquareApp detector type return value by @nyanshak in
  • Generate protos by @mcastorina in
  • Make sure context lines are properly handled by @bill-rich in
  • Do extraction after decompression by @nyanshak in
  • git worktree scanning fix for #827 by @nyanshak in
  • Support line numbers in filesystem source by @nyanshak in

New Contributors

  • @amansakhuja made their first contribution in
  • @nyanshak made their first contribution in
  • @jsolis made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


May 9, 2023, 3:08 p.m.
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