Traefik - v2.7.2

Bug fixes:
- [healthcheck,service] Do not make multiple requests to the same URL for balancer healthcheck (#8632 by TPXP)
- [healthcheck,service] Add log when missing path in health check (#9104 by moutoum)
- [k8s/gatewayapi] Allow multiple listeners on same port in Gateway API provider (#9107 by burner-account)
- [middleware] RedirectScheme redirects based on X-Forwarded-Proto header (#9121 by moutoum)
- [plugins] Update yaegi to v0.13.0 (#9118 by kevinpollet)
- [rules] Fix HostRegexp and Query muxers (#9131 by juliens)
- [tracing] Update DataDog tracing dependency to v1.38.1 (#9105 by kevinpollet)

- [acme,k8s/crd] Add documentation to Traefik CRD properties (#9096 by mloiseleur)
- [middleware] Add missing info.serialNumber option to PassTLSClientCert middleware (#9115 by miteshjadia)
- [tcp] Add a note on how to handle server first protocols (#9002 by romantomjak)
- Update to improve info section relevance (#9130 by tomatokoolaid)
- Added useful links for commercial applications (#9129 by tomatokoolaid)


June 27, 2022, 2:26 p.m.
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