Traefik - v2.10.0

- [docker] Expose ContainerName in Docker provider (#9770 by quinot)
- [hub] Remove hub configuration out of experimental (#9792 by mpl)
- [k8s/crd] Introduce API Group CRDs (#9765 by rtribotte)
- [k8s/ingress,k8s/crd,k8s] Native Kubernetes service load-balancing (#9740 by rtribotte)
- [middleware,metrics] Add prometheus metric requests_total with headers (#9783 by rtribotte)
- [nomad] Support multiple namespaces in the Nomad Provider (#9794 by rtribotte)
- [tracing] Add support to send DataDog traces via Unix Socket (#9714 by der-eismann)
- [webui] Modify the Hub Button (#9851 by mdeliatf)
- [webui] Display period setting of the RateLimit middleware in the webui (#9822 by smatyas)

Bug fixes:
- [docker] Only warn about missing docker network when network_mode is not host or container (#9799 by sentriz)
- [k8s/ingress,k8s] Bump from v0.22.1 to v0.26.3 (#9808 by ldez)
- [plugins] Improve DeepCopy of PluginConf (#9846 by ldez)
- [plugins] Update Yaegi to v0.15.1 (#9815 by ldez)
- [server] Update vulcand/oxy to 03de175b3822 (#9849 by longit644)

- Prepare release v2.10.0-rc1 (#9802 by ldez)
- Fix order of log levels (#9791 by svx)
- [docker] Update wording - add link descriptions (#9816 by svx)
- [middleware] Add accessControlAllowHeaders example (#9810 by yingshaoxo)
- [tls] More details on Kubernetes options for mTLS (#9835 by mloiseleur)
- Prepare release v2.10.0-rc2 (#9830 by mpl)
- Update Call To Actions (#9824 by svx)
- Improve concepts page (#9813 by svx)
- Update wording (#9811 by svx)

- Merge branch v2.9 into v2.10 (#9798 by ldez)
- Merge branch v2.9 into v2.10 (#9829 by mpl)


April 24, 2023, 2:09 p.m.
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