Traefik - v1.7.3

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- Improve the CLI help (#3996 by dduportal)

Bug fixes:
- [acme] DNS challenge Cloudflare auth zone (#4042 by ldez)
- [acme] ACME DNS challenges (#3998 by ldez)
- [acme] Don't initalize ACME provider if storage is empty (#3988 by nmengin)
- [acme] Fix: acme DNS providers (#4021 by ldez)
- [acme] Prevent some malformed errors in LE. (#4015 by ldez)
- [authentication,consulcatalog,docker,ecs,etcd,kv,marathon,mesos,rancher] Add the AuthResponseHeaders to the labels (#3973 by Crypto89)
- [docker] usebindportip can fall back on the container ip / port (#4018 by geraldcroes)
- [k8s] Avoid flapping of multiple Ingress definitions (#3862 by rtreffer)
- [middleware,server] Log stack on panic (#4033 by ldez)
- [middleware,server] Fix recover from panic handler (#4031 by mmatur)
- [server,websocket] Fix update oxy (#4009 by mmatur)

- [docker] Add tags label to Docker provider documentation (#3896 by artheus)
- [docker] Added two examples with labels in docker-compose.yml (#3891 by pascalandy)
- [k8s] Move buffering annotation documentation to service (#3991 by ldez)
- Fix a typo (#3995 by arnydo)


Oct. 15, 2018, 10:41 a.m.
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