Traefik - v1.7.0-rc3


All Commits

- [consul,etcd,tls] Improve TLS integration tests (#3679 by mmatur)
- [k8s] Add possibility to set a protocol (#3648 by SantoDE)

Bug fixes:
- [acme] Fix acme account deletion without provider change (#3664 by zyclonite)
- [acme] Update lego (#3659 by mmatur)
- [acme] Fix ACME certificate for wildcard and root domains (#3675 by nmengin)
- [api] Remove TLS in API (#3665 by mmatur). Fixes CVE-2018-15598
- [docker] Uses both binded HostIP and HostPort when useBindPortIP=true (#3638 by geraldcroes)
- [k8s] Fix Rewrite-target regex (#3699 by dtomcej)
- [middleware] Correct Entrypoint Redirect with Stripped or Added Path (#3631 by dtomcej)
- [tracing] Added default configuration for DataDog APM Tracer (#3655 by aantono)
- [tracing] Added support for Trace name truncation for traces (#3689 by aantono)
- [websocket] Handle shutdown of Hijacked connections (#3636 by Juliens)
- H2C: Remove buggy line in init to make verbose switch working (#3701 by dduportal)
- Updating oxy dependency (#3700 by crholm)

- [acme] Update Namecheap status (#3604 by stoinov)
- [acme] Fix some DNS provider link (#3639 by ldez)
- [docker] Fix style in examples/quickstart (#3705 by korigod)
- [k8s] Add traefik prefix to k8s annotations (#3682 by zifeo)
- [middleware,tracing] Fix missing tracing backend in documentation (#3706 by mmatur)
- Replace unrendered emoji (#3690 by korigod)


Aug. 1, 2018, 2:06 p.m.
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