TiKV - v6.6.0


  • Optimize the default values of some parameters in partitioned-raft-kv mode: the default value of the TiKV configuration item storage.block-cache.capacity is adjusted from 45% to 30%, and the default value of region-split-size is adjusted from 96MiB adjusted to 10GiB. When using raft-kv mode and enable-region-bucket is true, region-split-size is adjusted to 1 GiB by default. #12842 @tonyxuqqi
  • Support priority scheduling in Raftstore asynchronous writes #13730 @Connor1996
  • Support starting TiKV on a CPU with less than 1 core #13586 #13752 #14017 @andreid-db
  • Optimize the new detection mechanism of Raftstore slow score and add evict-slow-trend-scheduler #14131 @innerr
  • Force the block cache of RocksDB to be shared and no longer support setting the block cache separately according to CF #12936 @busyjay

Bug fixes

  • Fix an error that occurs when casting the const Enum type to other types #14156 @wshwsh12
  • Fix the issue that Resolved TS causes higher network traffic #14092 @overvenus
  • Fix the data inconsistency issue caused by network failure between TiDB and TiKV during the execution of a DML after a failed pessimistic DML #14038 @MyonKeminta


Feb. 20, 2023, 3:52 a.m.
tikv-server v6.6.0
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