TiKV - v6.4.0


  • Add a new configuration item apply-yield-write-size to control the maximum number of bytes that the Apply thread can write for one Finite-state Machine in one round of poll, and relieve Raftstore congestion when the Apply thread writes a large volume of data #13313 @glorv
  • Warm up the entry cache before migrating the leader of Region to avoid QPS jitter during the leader transfer process #13060 @cosven
  • Support pushing down the json_constains operator to Coprocessor #13592 @lizhenhuan
  • Add the asynchronous function for CausalTsProvider to improve the flush performance in some scenarios #13428 @zeminzhou

Bug fixes

  • Fix the issue that TiDB fails to start on Gitpod when there are multiple cgroup and mountinfo records #13660 @tabokie
  • Fix the wrong expression of a TiKV metric tikv_gc_compaction_filtered #13537 @Defined2014
  • Fix the performance issue caused by the abnormal delete_files_in_range #13534 @tabokie
  • Fix abnormal Region competition caused by expired lease during snapshot acquisition #13553 @SpadeA-Tang
  • Fix errors occurred when FLASHBACK fails in the first batch #13672 #13704 #13723 @HuSharp


Nov. 17, 2022, 2:58 a.m.
tikv-server v6.4.0
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