TiKV - v6.0.0


  • Improve the Raftstore sampling accuracy for large key range batches #11039
  • Add the correct "Content-Type" for debug/pprof/profile to make the Profile more easily identified #11521
  • Renew the lease time of the leader infinitely when the Raftstore has heartbeats or handles read requests, which helps reduce latency jitter #11579
  • Choose the store with the least cost when switching the leader, which helps improve performance stability #10602
  • Fetch Raft logs asynchronously to reduce the performance jitter caused by blocking the Raftstore #11320
  • Support the QUARTER function in vector calculation #5751
  • Support pushing down the BIT data type to TiKV #30738
  • Support pushing down the MOD function and the SYSDATE function to TiKV #11916
  • (dup: release-5.3.1.md > Improvements> TiKV)- Reduce the TiCDC recovery time by reducing the number of the Regions that require the Resolve Locks step #11993
  • Support dynamically modifying raftstore.raft-max-inflight-msgs #11865
  • Support EXTRA_PHYSICAL_TABLE_ID_COL_ID to enable dynamic pruning mode #11888
  • Support calculation in buckets #11759
  • Encode the keys of RawKV API V2 as user-key + memcomparable-padding + timestamp #11965
  • Encode the values of RawKV API V2 as user-value + ttl + ValueMeta and encode delete in ValueMeta #11965
  • TiKV Coprocessor supports the Projection operator #12114
  • Support dynamically modifying raftstore.raft-max-size-per-msg #12017
  • Support monitoring multi-k8s in Grafana #12014
  • Transfer the leadership to CDC observer to reduce latency jitter #12111
  • Support dynamically modifying raftstore.apply_max_batch_size and raftstore.store_max_batch_size #11982
  • RawKV V2 returns the latest version upon receiving the raw_get or raw_scan request #11965
  • Support the RCCheckTS consistency reads #12097
  • Support dynamically modifying storage.scheduler-worker-pool-size(the thread count of the Scheduler pool) #12067
  • Control the use of CPU and bandwidth by using the global foreground flow controller to improve the performance stability of TiKV #11855
  • Support dynamically modifying readpool.unified.max-thread-count (the thread count of the UnifyReadPool) #11781
  • Use the TiKV internal pipeline to replace the RocksDB pipeline and deprecate the rocksdb.enable-multibatch-write parameter #12059

Bug Fixes

  • (dup: release-5.3.1.md > Bug fixes> TiKV)- Fix the panic issue caused by deleting snapshot files when the peer status is Applying #11746
  • (dup: release-5.3.1.md > Bug fixes> TiKV)- Fix the issue of QPS drop when flow control is enabled and level0_slowdown_trigger is set explicitly #11424
  • (dup: release-5.3.1.md > Bug fixes> TiKV)- Fix the issue that destroying a peer might cause high latency #10210
  • (dup: release-5.3.1.md > Bug fixes> TiKV)- Fix a bug that TiKV cannot delete a range of data (unsafe_destroy_range cannot be executed) when the GC worker is busy #11903
  • Fix a bug that TiKV panics when the data in StoreMeta is accidentally deleted in some corner cases #11852
  • Fix a bug that TiKV panics when performing profiling on an ARM platform #10658
  • Fix a bug that TiKV might panic if it has been running for 2 years or more #11940
  • Fix the compilation issue on the ARM64 architecture caused by missing SSE instruction set #12034
  • (dup: release-5.3.1.md > Bug fixes> TiKV)- Fix the issue that deleting an uninitialized replica might cause an old replica to be recreated #10533
  • Fix the bug that stale messages causes TiKV to panic #12023
  • Fix the issue that undefined behavior (UB) might occur in TsSet conversions #12070
  • Fix a bug that replica reads might violate the linearizability #12109
  • Fix the potential panic issue that occurs when TiKV performs profiling on Ubuntu 18.04 #9765
  • Fix the issue that tikv-ctl returns an incorrect result due to its wrong string match #12049
  • Fix the issue of intermittent packet loss and out of memory (OOM) caused by the overflow of memory metrics #12160
  • Fix the potential issue of mistakenly reporting TiKV panics when exiting TiKV #12231


April 6, 2022, 2:55 a.m.
tikv-server v6.0.0
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