TiKV - v5.3.2


  • Reduce the system call by the Raft client and increase CPU efficiency #11309
  • Improve the health check to detect unavailable Raftstore, so that the TiKV client can update Region Cache in time #12398
  • Transfer the leadership to CDC observer to reduce latency jitter #12111
  • Add more metrics for the garbage collection module of Raft logs to locate performance problems in the module #11374

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the issue of frequent PD client reconnection that occurs when the PD client meets an error #12345
  • Fix the issue of time parsing error that occurs when the DATETIME values contain a fraction and Z #12739
  • Fix the issue that TiKV panics when performing type conversion for an empty string #12673
  • Fix the possible duplicate commit records in pessimistic transactions when async commit is enabled #12615
  • Fix the bug that TiKV reports the invalid store ID 0 error when using Follower Read #12478
  • Fix the issue of TiKV panic caused by the race between destroying peers and batch splitting Regions #12368
  • Fix the issue that successfully committed optimistic transactions may report the Write Conflict error when the network is poor #34066
  • Fix the issue that TiKV panics and destroys peers unexpectedly when the target Region to be merged is invalid #12232
  • Fix a bug that stale messages cause TiKV to panic #12023
  • Fix the issue of intermittent packet loss and out of memory (OOM) caused by the overflow of memory metrics #12160
  • Fix the potential panic issue that occurs when TiKV performs profiling on Ubuntu 18.04 #9765
  • Fix the issue that tikv-ctl returns an incorrect result due to its wrong string match #12329
  • Fix a bug that replica reads might violate the linearizability #12109
  • Fix the TiKV panic issue that occurs when the target peer is replaced with the peer that is destroyed without being initialized when merging a Region #12048
  • Fix a bug that TiKV might panic if it has been running for 2 years or more #11940


June 29, 2022, 2:29 a.m.
tikv-server v5.3.2
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