TiDB - v6.6.0


  • Physical Import Mode supports keyspace #40531 @iosmanthus
  • Support setting the maximum number of conflicts by lightning.max-error #40743 @dsdashun
  • Support importing CSV data files with BOM headers #40744 @dsdashun
  • Optimize the processing logic when encountering TiKV flow-limiting errors and try other available regions instead #40205 @lance6716
  • Disable checking the table foreign keys during import #40027 @gozssky

Bug fixes

  • Fix the issue that TiDB Lightning timeout hangs due to TiDB restart in some scenarios #33714 @lichunzhu
  • Fix the issue that TiDB Lightning might incorrectly skip conflict resolution when all but the last TiDB Lightning instance encounters a local duplicate record during a parallel import #40923 @lichunzhu
  • Fix the issue that precheck cannot accurately detect the presence of a running TiCDC in the target cluster #41040 @lance6716
  • Fix the issue that TiDB Lightning panics in the split-region phase #40934 @lance6716
  • Fix the issue that the conflict resolution logic (duplicate-resolution) might lead to inconsistent checksums #40657 @gozssky
  • Fix a possible OOM problem when there is an unclosed delimiter in the data file #40400 @buchuitoudegou
  • Fix the issue that the file offset in the error report exceeds the file size #40034 @buchuitoudegou
  • Fix an issue with the new version of PDClient that might cause parallel import to fail #40493 @AmoebaProtozoa
  • Fix the issue that TiDB Lightning prechecks cannot find dirty data left by previously failed imports #39477 @dsdashun



Feb. 20, 2023, 3:52 a.m.
tidb-server v6.6.0
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