TiDB - v6.4.0


  • Allow modifying the noop variable lc_messages #38231 @djshow832
  • Support the AUTO_RANDOM column as the first column of the clustered composite index #38572 @tangenta
  • Use pessimistic transactions in internal transaction retry to avoid retry failure and reduce time consumption #38136 @jackysp
  • Improve the mechanism for loading the metadata. The metadata is loaded into memory only when necessary, which significantly reduces the memory usage during PITR #38404 @YuJuncen
  • Optimize the file scanning logic to accelerate the scan of schema files #38598 @dsdashun

Bug fixes

  • Fix the potential issue of index inconsistency that occurs after you create a new index #38165 @tangenta
  • Fix a permission issue of the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TIKV_REGION_STATUS table #38407 @CbcWestwolf
  • Fix the issue that the grantor field is missing in the mysql.tables_priv table #38293 @CbcWestwolf
  • Fix the issue that the join result of common table expressions might be wrong #38170 @wjhuang2016
  • Fix the issue that the union result of common table expressions might be wrong #37928 @YangKeao
  • Fix the issue that the information in the transaction region num monitoring panel is incorrect #38139 @jackysp
  • Fix the issue that the system variable tidb_constraint_check_in_place_pessimistic might affect internal transactions. The variable scope is modified to SESSION. #38766
  • Fix the issue that conditions in a query are mistakenly pushed down to projections #35623 @Reminiscent
  • Fix the issue that the wrong isNullRejected check results for AND and OR cause wrong query results #38304 @Yisaer
  • Fix the issue that ORDER BY in GROUP_CONCAT is not considered when the outer join is eliminated, which causes wrong query results #18216 @winoros
  • Fix the issue of the wrong query result that occurs when the mistakenly pushed-down conditions are discarded by Join Reorder #38736 @winoros
  • Fix the restoration failure issue caused by PD leader switch during the restoration process #36910 @MoCuishle28
  • Fix the issue that the log backup task cannot be paused #38250 @joccau
  • Fix the issue that when BR deletes log backup data, it mistakenly deletes data that should not be deleted #38939 @Leavrth
  • Fix the issue that BR fails to delete data when deleting the log backup data stored in Azure Blob Storage or Google Cloud Storage for the first time #38229 @Leavrth
  • Fix the import performance degradation when importing the Apache Parquet files to the target tables that contain the string type columns in thebinary encoding format #38351 @dsdashun


Nov. 17, 2022, 2:58 a.m.
tidb-server v6.4.0
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