TiDB - v6.0.0


  • Clear the placement rule settings of a table automatically after restoring the table using the FLASHBACK or RECOVER statement #31668
  • Add a performance overview dashboard to show core performance metrics on typical critical paths, making metrics analysis on TiDB easier #31676
  • Support using the REPLACE keyword in the LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE statement #24515
  • (dup: release-5.1.4.md > Improvements> TiDB)- Support partition pruning for the built-in IN expression in Range partition tables #26739
  • Improve query efficiency by eliminating potentially redundant Exchange operations in MPP aggregation queries #31762
  • Improve compatibility with MySQL by allowing duplicate partition names in the TRUNCATE PARTITION and DROP PARTITION statements #31681
  • Support showing the CREATE_TIME information in the results of the ADMIN SHOW DDL JOBS statement #23494
  • Support a new built-in function CHARSET() #3931
  • Support filtering a baseline capturing blocklist by usernames #32558
  • Optimize the results of the ADMIN SHOW DDL JOBS and SHOW TABLE STATUS statements by displaying the time according to the current time_zone #26642
  • Supports pushing down the DAYNAME() and MONTHNAME() functions to TiFlash #32594
  • Support pushing down the REGEXP function to TiFlash #32637
  • Support tracking the execution of the UnionScan operator #32631
  • Support pushing down the GREATEST and LEAST functions to TiFlash #32787
  • Support using the PointGet plan for queries that read the _tidb_rowid column #31543
  • Support using wildcards in a baseline capturing blocklist #32714
  • Support showing the original partition name in the output of the EXPLAIN statement without converting the name to lowercase #32719
  • Enable partition pruning for RANGE COLUMNS partitionings on IN conditions and string type columns #32626
  • Return an error message when a system variable is set to NULL #32850
  • Remove Broadcast Join from the non-MPP mode #31465
  • Support pushing down the DAYOFMONTH() and LAST_DAY() functions to TiFlash #33012
  • Support pushing down the DAYOFWEEK() and DAYOFYEAR() functions to TiFlash #33130
  • Support pushing down the IS_TRUE, IS_FALSE, and IS_TRUE_WITH_NULL functions to TiFlash #33047
  • Support executing MPP plans on partitioned tables in dynamic pruning mode #32347
  • Support enabling the switch to reduce read latency in transactions at the READ-COMMITTED isolation level for the read-consistency read #33159
  • Support pushing down predicates for common table expressions (CTEs) #28163
  • Simplify the configurations of Statement Summary and Capture Plan Baselines to be available on a global basis only #30557
  • Update gopsutil to v3.21.12 to address alarms reported when building binary on macOS 12 #31607

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the bug that the placement rule reports an error when SCHEDULE = majority_in_primary, and PrimaryRegion and Regions are of the same value #31271
  • (dup: release-5.3.1.md > Bug fixes> TiDB)- Fix the invalid transaction error when executing a query using index lookup join #30468
  • Fix the bug that show grants returns incorrect results when two or more privileges are granted #30855
  • Fix the bug that INSERT INTO t1 SET timestamp_col = DEFAULT would set the timestamp to the zero timestamp for the field defaulted to CURRENT_TIMESTAMP #29926)
  • ​Fix errors reported in reading the results by avoiding encoding the maximum value and minimum non-null value of the string type #31721
  • Fix load data panic if the data is broken at an escape character #31589
  • (dup: release-5.3.1.md > Bug fixes> TiDB)- Fix the issue that the greatest or least function with collation gets a wrong result #31789
  • Fix the bug that the date_add and date_sub functions may return incorrect data types #31809
  • Fix possible panic when inserting data to virtually generated columns using an insert statement #31735
  • Fix the bug that no error is reported when duplicate columns are present in the created list partition #31784
  • Fix wrong results returned when select for update union select uses incorrect snapshots #31530
  • (dup: release-5.3.1.md > Bug fixes> Tools> Backup & Restore (BR))- Fix the potential issue that Regions might be unevenly distributed after a restore operation is finished #31034
  • Fix the bug that COERCIBILITY is wrong for the json type #31541
  • Fix wrong collation of the json type when this type is processed using builtin-func #31320
  • Fix the bug that PD rules are not deleted when the count of TiFlash replicas is set to 0 #32190
  • (dup: release-5.3.1.md > Bug fixes> TiDB)- Fix the issue that alter column set default wrongly updates the table schema #31074
  • (dup: release-5.3.1.md > Bug fixes> TiDB)- Fix the issue that date_format in TiDB handles in a MySQL-incompatible way #32232
  • Fix the bug that errors may occur when updating partitioned tables using join #31629
  • Fix wrong range calculation for Nulleq function on Enum values #32428
  • Fix possible panic in upper() and lower() functions #32488
  • Fix time zone problems encountered when changing the other type columns to timestamp type columns #29585
  • Fix TiDB OOM when exporting data using ChunkRPC #31981 #30880
  • Fix the bug that sub SELECT LIMIT does not work as expected in dynamic partition pruning mode #32516
  • Fix wrong or inconsistent format of bit default value on INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS #32655
  • Fix the bug that partition table pruning might not work for listing partition tables after server restart #32416
  • Fix the bug that add column may use wrong default timestamp after executing SET timestamp #31968
  • Fix the bug that connecting to a TiDB passwordless account from MySQL 5.5 or 5.6 client may fail #32334
  • Fix wrong results when reading partitioned tables in dynamic mode in transactions #29851
  • Fix the bug that TiDB may dispatch duplicate tasks to TiFlash #32814
  • Fix wrong results returned when the timdiff function contains a millisecond #31680
  • Fix wrong results when explicitly reading partitions and using the IndexJoin plan #32007
  • Fix the bug that "rename column" fails when changing column type concurrently #31075
  • Fix the bug that the formula for calculating net cost for TiFlash plans is not aligned with TiKV plans #30103
  • Fix the bug that KILL TIDB cannot take effect immediately on idle links #24031
  • Fix the bug that reading from a table with generated columns may get wrong results #33038
  • Fix wrong results of deleting data of multiple tables using left join #31321
  • Fix the bug that the SUBTIME function returns a wrong result in case of overflow #31868
  • Fix the bug that the selection operator can not be pushed down when an aggregation contains the having condition #33166
  • Fix the bug that CTE may be blocked when a query reports errors #31302
  • Fix the bug that excessive length of varbinary or varchar columns when creating tables in non-strict mode may result in errors #30328
  • Fix the wrong number of followers in information_schema.placement_policieswhen no follower is specified #31702
  • Fix the issue that TiDB allows to specify column prefix length as 0 when an index is created #31972
  • Fix the issue that TiDB allows partition names ending with spaces #31535
  • Fix the wrong message of the RENAME TABLE statement #29893


April 6, 2022, 2:55 a.m.
tidb-server v6.0.0
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