TiDB - v2.1.0-rc.4

SQL Optimizer

  • Fix the issue that column pruning of UnionAll is incorrect in some cases #7941
  • Fix the issue that the result of the UnionAll operator is incorrect in some cases #8007

SQL Execution Engine

  • Fix the precision issue of the AVG function #7874
  • Support using the EXPLAIN ANALYZE statement to check the runtime statistics including the execution time and the number of returned rows of each operator during the query execution process #7925
  • Fix the panic issue of the PointGet operator when a column of a table appears multiple times in the result set #7943
  • Fix the panic issue caused by too large values in the Limit subclause #8002
  • Fix the panic issue during the execution process of the AddDate/SubDate statement in some cases #8009


  • Fix the issue of judging the prefix of the histogram low-bound of the combined index as out of range #7856
  • Fix the memory leak issue caused by statistics collecting #7873
  • Fix the panic issue when the histogram is empty #7928
  • Fix the issue that the histogram bound is out of range when the statistics is being uploaded #7944
  • Limit the maximum length of values in the statistics sampling process #7982


  • Refactor Latch to avoid misjudgment of transaction conflicts and improve the execution performance of concurrent transactions #7711
  • Fix the panic issue caused by collecting slow queries in some cases #7874
  • Fix the panic issue when ESCAPED BY is an empty string in the LOAD DATA statement #8005
  • Complete the “coprocessor error” log information #8006


  • Set the Command field of the SHOW PROCESSLIST result to Sleep when the query is empty #7839


  • Fix the constant folding issue of the SYSDATE function #7895
  • Fix the issue that SUBSTRING_INDEX panics in some cases #7897


  • Fix the stack overflow issue caused by throwing the invalid ddl job type error #7958
  • Fix the issue that the result of ADMIN CHECK TABLE is incorrect in some cases #7975


Oct. 23, 2018, 3:32 p.m.
tidb-server v2.1.0-rc.4
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