TiDB - v2.1.0-rc.1

  • SQL Optimizer
    • Fix the issue that a wrong result is returned after the correlated subquery is decorrelated in some cases #6972
    • Optimize the output result of Explain #7011#7041
    • Optimize the choosing strategy of the outer table for IndexJoin #7019
    • Remove the Plan Cache of the non-PREPARE statement #7040
    • Fix the issue that the INSERT statement is not parsed and executed correctly in some cases #7068
    • Fix the issue that the IndexJoin result is not correct in some cases #7150
    • Fix the issue that the NULL value cannot be found using the unique index in some cases #7163
    • Fix the range computing issue of the prefix index in UTF-8 #7194
    • Fix the issue that result is not correct caused by eliminating the Project operator in some cases #7257
    • Fix the issue that USE INDEX(PRIMARY) cannot be used when the primary key is an integer #7316
    • Fix the issue that the index range cannot be computed using the correlated column in some cases #7357
  • SQL Execution Engine
    • Fix the issue that the daylight saving time is not computed correctly in some cases #6823
    • Refactor the aggregation function framework to improve the execution efficiency of the Stream and Hash aggregation operators #6852
    • Fix the issue that the Hash aggregation operator cannot exit normally in some cases #6982
    • Fix the issue that BIT_AND/BIT_OR/BIT_XOR does not handle the non-integer data correctly #6994
    • Optimize the execution speed of the REPLACE INTO statement and increase the performance nearly 10 times #7027
    • Optimize the memory usage of time type data and decrease the memory usage of the time type data by fifty percent #7043
    • Fix the issue that the returned result is mixed with signed and unsigned integers in the UNION statement is not compatible with MySQL #7112
    • Fix the panic issue caused by the too much memory applied by LPAD/RPAD/TO_BASE64/FROM_BASE64/REPEAT #7171 #7266 #7409 #7431
    • Fix the incorrect result when MergeJoin/IndexJoin handles the NULL value #7255
    • Fix the incorrect result of Outer Join in some cases #7288
    • Improve the error message of Data Truncated to facilitate locating the wrong data and the corresponding field in the table #7401
    • Fix the incorrect result for decimal in some cases #7001 #7113 #7202 #7208
    • Optimize the point select performance #6937
    • Prohibit the isolation level of Read Commited to avoid the underlying problem #7211
    • Fix the incorrect result of LTRIM/RTRIM/TRIM in some cases #7291
    • Fix the issue that the MaxOneRow operator cannot guarantee that the returned result does not exceed one row #7375
    • Divide the Coprocessor requests with too many ranges #7454
  • Statistics
    • Optimize the mechanism of statistics dynamic collection #6796
    • Fix the issue that Auto Analyze does not work when data is updated frequently #7022
    • Decrease the Write conflicts during the statistics dynamic update process #7124
    • Optimize the cost estimation when the statistics is incorrect #7175
    • Optimize the row count estimation #7233
  • Server
    • Fix the bug in loading privilege information #6976
    • Fix the issue that the Kill command is too strict with privilege check #6954
    • Fix the issue of removing some binary numeric types #6922
    • Shorten the output log #7029
    • Handle the mismatchClusterID issue #7053
    • Add the advertise-address configuration item #7078
    • Add the GrpcKeepAlive option #7100
    • Add the connection or Token time monitor #7110
    • Optimize the data decoding performance #7149
    • Add the PROCESSLIST table in INFORMMATION_SCHEMA #7236
    • Fix the order issue when multiple rules are hit in verifying the privilege #7211
    • Change some default values of encoding related system variables to UTF-8 #7198
    • Make the slow query log show more detailed information #7302
    • Support registering tidb-serverrelated information in PD and obtaining this information by HTTP API #7082
  • Compatibility

    • Support Session variables warning_count and error_count #6945
    • Add Scope check when reading the system variables #6958
    • Support the MAX_EXECUTION_TIME syntax #7012
    • Support more statements of the SET syntax #7020
    • Add validity check when setting system variables #7117
    • Add the verification of the number of PlaceHolders in the Prepare statement #7162
    • Support set character_set_results = null #7353
    • Support the flush status syntax #7369
    • Fix the column size of SET and ENUM types in information_schema #7347
    • Support the NATIONAL CHARACTER syntax of statements for creating a table #7378
    • Support the CHARACTER SET syntax in the LOAD DATA statement #7391
    • Fix the column information of the SET and ENUM types #7417
    • Support the IDENTIFIED WITH syntax in the CREATE USER statement #7402
    • Fix the precision losing issue during TIMESTAMP computing process #7418
    • Support the validity verification of more SYSTEM variables #7196
    • Fix the incorrect result when the CHAR_LENGTH function computes the binary string #7410
    • Fix the incorrect CONCAT result in a statement involving GROUP BY #7448
    • Fix the imprecise type length issue when casting the DECIMAL type to the STRING type #7451
  • DML

    • Fix the stability issue of the Load Data statement #6927
    • Fix the memory usage issue when performing some Batch operations #7086
    • Improve the performance of the Replace Into statement #7027
    • Fix the inconsistent precision issue when writing CURRENT_TIMESTAMP #7355
  • DDL
    • Improve the method of DDL judging whether Schema is synchronized to avoid misjudgement in some cases #7319
    • Fix the SHOW CREATE TABLE result in adding index process #6993
    • Allow the default value of text/blob/json to be NULL in non-restrict sql-mode #7230
    • Fix the ADD INDEX issue in some cases #7142
    • Increase the speed of adding UNIQUE-KEY index operation largely #7132
    • Fix the truncating issue of the prefix index in UTF-8 character set #7109
    • Add the environment variable tidb_ddl_reorg_priority to control the priority of the add-index operation #7116
    • Fix the display issue of AUTO-INCREMENT in information_schema.tables #7037
    • Support the admin show ddl jobs <number> command and support output specified number of DDL jobs #7028
    • Support parallel DDL job execution #6955
  • Table Partition (Experimental)
    • Support top level partition
    • Support Range Partition


Aug. 24, 2018, 12:33 p.m.
tidb-server v2.1.0-rc.1
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