testkube - v1.17.1


New Features

  • 9d6f475e2cd58793169364ac6be4f1f7acfedbf4: feat: add custom volumes and step setup phase for TestWorkflows (#5158) (@rangoo94)
  • f62e519d61ff6e370a469b4e53eac9690bc4c169: feat: add durationMs to the TestWorkflow's result (#5127) (@rangoo94)
  • 309f3e1c0be13db0c84b71ed77809dae2179b22a: feat: avoid root privileges for TestWorkflow pods (#5169) (@rangoo94)
  • 988072c4a05a65765f4529f897ac2f343940d4eb: feat: calibrate TestWorkflow clock for more precise step durations (#5163) (@rangoo94)
  • b93c54f87c4a3dceee8146e59fe7f22f1ed9e978: feat: display abort reason for TestWorkflow execution (#5191) (@rangoo94)
  • 2ffa0a2000f71a2e973d2251ecb099c02c59ab79: feat: expose Test Workflow name for scheduled tests (#5170) (@rangoo94)
  • aa9b66c0bfcb33dd0a8ac91ff043424c8b06be94: feat: fill time gaps in the TestWorkflow clock (#5167) (@rangoo94)
  • daeec7ccd6a3db5b2092d79ab51679ad94f2be4d: feat: handle aborting TestWorkflow executions gracefully (#5162) (@rangoo94)
  • 67852e4f67a4340addabd0c304aed37d7ff1c88f: feat: modify TestWorkflow preview to allow resolving without inlining the templates (#5129) (@rangoo94)
  • 141a2f0f3392ae6abac1f3c9f0dcbd7c81145c99: feat: run TestWorkflows artifacts step as root, to read FS without problems (#5136) (@rangoo94)

Bug fixes

  • 0e07793c75605f4bb34d3eaa975a3ca06f453ab7: fix: Go template rendering (#5042) (@rangoo94)
  • 0d6ff79d21f9fea370060ce41ad03dec1d987c17: fix: aborting execution via endpoint without test workflow name (#5143) (@rangoo94)
  • 8a54347bd45fb263a373818724ee0035cf57a032: fix: add workingDir support for TestWorkflow artifacts step (#5180) (@rangoo94)
  • 2c1b967ca01b9505d52218c12a34dada3ca95209: fix: add missing durationMs for TestWorkflowResult (#5128) (@rangoo94)
  • 82d0bd64ec42e3209d85607f24b64fb828866eda: fix: clean up TestWorkflow jobs after finish (#5139) (@rangoo94)
  • 57c9791c6052dc23d6bf9510fca04efa5f1011cc: fix: delete dashboard test from demo testsuite (@rangoo94)
  • b3266827a1d9918084f0720c6ed54e33720f752a: fix: don't treat TestWorkflow pods as Test pods (#5154) (@rangoo94)
  • b65d8cf1756d79645605c0fb807ffa1da79c9b9d: fix: gracefully handle critical pod errors (like OOM) in TestWorkflows (#5178) (@rangoo94)
  • d0d8fc89262600b8a760ea828f5cb2fef97c4244: fix: handle gracefully OOMKilled errors on GKE (#5190) (@rangoo94)
  • a3cc7fdf4beadd95f0913bddedc8e5550517ee90: fix: improve Kubernetes error handling of TestWorkflow executions (#5168) (@rangoo94)
  • ba3187fca336c154025ac359ab990b0928591a66: fix: include TestWorkflow labels in the /labels list (#5177) (@rangoo94)
  • 3c0cb3fc2b65bb2fea727c1c60041fdd84000f4b: fix: send Content-Type of TestWorkflow artifacts for signing URL (#5146) (@rangoo94)
  • 8dc35c32ef21caa409d55f02df7385b0a9b81b9e: fix: use proper application version constant (#5181) (@rangoo94)

Other work

  • 01e6b785a00b2dd7f076f101ab61acf854ad3a16: feat(TKC-1457): add OpenAPI models/mapping for TestWorkflows (#5038) (@rangoo94)
  • c98729be792c204f4a48b67d8ff42befa19b0a3b: feat(TKC-1458): add API for managing TestWorkflows (#5041) (@rangoo94)
  • 906ce72bbb9699dcf87a7c1beca174b32df3ec4e: feat(TKC-1462): add CLI commands for managing TestWorkflows (#5046) (@rangoo94)
  • f3c8ce6cc2e38f56a110569e60765905a5534a32: feat(TKC-1465): add expressions language for TestWorkflows (#5057) (@rangoo94)
  • ea83a3db9e465b601be2f86b6216800258fcc795: feat(TKC-1465): expressions improvements - resolving structs, improved finalizer (#5067) (@rangoo94)
  • 5747ce4779406841296c7884a9aadb1b1f3e57f5: feat(TKC-1466): resolve TestWorkflow with templates (#5075) (@rangoo94)
  • 1bb8d80fb356e6335c7d3df982edc2249bb9dd85: feat(TKC-1580): prepare Init Process for TestWorkflow containers (#5090) (@rangoo94)
  • 2882d26a27c7292dc17ff6c5c5fd40da6d99637a: feat(TKC-1581): add mechanism to build Kubernetes resources for the TestWorkflow (#5096) (@rangoo94)
  • 4734cf36c93cba48a702d30e4f05b23d3de92513: feat(TKC-1642): add TestWorkflow support of cloning Git, executing tests, and artifacts (#5119) (@rangoo94)
  • 9e047948c64d6698d6be96f57a233fdcd442588e: feat(TKC-1651): add mechanisms for controlling TestWorkflows orchestration (#5109) (@rangoo94)
  • cc95f6b6541ff5fe1f0a5c3579ab0cd52fc16290: feat(TKC-1652): persist TestWorkflow Executions in the database (#5115) (@rangoo94)
  • 4f289fbe0d83c48096ece19039e237b47d979b70: feat(TKC-1716): integrate TestWorkflows with Testkube Pro/Enterprise (#5120) (@rangoo94)
  • f7b174158829263652f4eea9c94142828d471802: fix(TKC-1580): adjust GoReleaser configuration for TestWorkflow Init Process (#5095) (@rangoo94)
  • cafa6edde99503b9034654d14b02520a8da7c20a: fix(TKC-1642): update TestWorkflow Toolkit to use libssl3 (#5124) (@rangoo94)


March 14, 2024, 4:52 p.m.
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