Telepresence - 2.3.7

(July 23, 2021)

  • Feature: An also-proxy entry in the Kubernetes cluster config will
    show up in the output of the telepresence status command.

  • Feature: telepresence login now has an --apikey=KEY flag that
    allows for non-interactive logins. This is useful for headless
    environments where launching a web-browser is impossible, such as
    cloud shells, Docker containers, or CI.

  • Bugfix: Dialer will now close if it gets a ConnectReject. This was
    encountered when doing an intercept without a local process running
    and would result in requests hanging indefinitely.

  • Bugfix: Made telepresence list command faster.

  • Bugfix: Mutating webhook injector correctly hides named ports for probes.

  • Bugfix: Initialization of systemd-resolved based DNS is more stable and
    failures causing telepresence to default to the overriding resolver will no
    longer cause general DNS lookup failures.

  • Bugfix: Fixed a regression introduced in 2.3.5 that caused telepresence current-cluster-id
    to crash.

  • Bugfix: New API keys generated internally for communication with
    Ambassador Cloud no longer show up as "no description" in the
    Ambassador Cloud web UI. Existing API keys generated by older
    versions of Telepresence will still show up this way.

  • Bugfix: Fixed a race condition that logging in and logging out
    rapidly could cause memory corruption or corruption of the
    user-info.json cache file used when authenticating with Ambassador


July 23, 2021, midnight
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