Spring Boot - v1.5.15.RELEASE

:star:New Features

  • Remove carriage returns in TypeUtils.getJavaDoc() #13779

:beetle:Bug fixes

  • Fix Flyway filesystem prefix location check #13863
  • Application does not fail to start when Jetty's WebAppContext fails to start #13803
  • Bean definitions in DataSourceConfiguration's inner classes override each other when multiple pools are on the classpath #13737
  • Repackaging may fail with "ZipException: invalid entry compressed size" when input jar has been built with non-default compression settings #13720
  • spring-boot-starter-parent inadvertently overrides spring-boot-dependencies' managed version for maven-resources-plugin #13607
  • Clean line breaks in configuration metadata descriptions #13601
  • Overridden bean definitions may cause incorrect bean condition evaluation due to stale information being held by BeanTypeRegistry #13588
  • LiquibaseEndpoint may leave a connection's auto commit property set to false #13559
  • Property placeholders are not replaced when used in name attribute of #13450
  • Custom error.jsp page is not used when app is run as anything other than a packaged war #12859
  • When Undertow has access logging enabled, threads are leaked when the container is stopped #12742
  • Log4j2 shutdown before it prints the last messages during graceful shutdown of spring boot application. #11360
  • Auto-configured MultipartConfigElement prevents CommonsMultipartResolver from resolving request parts #7735
  • MetricsFilter may create an unbounded number of metrics for requests with a templated URI that are not handled by Spring MVC #5875

:hammer:Dependency upgrades

  • Upgrade to Spring Data Ingalls SR14 #13917
  • Upgrade to Spring Amqp 1.7.9.RELEASE #13883
  • Upgrade to Narayana 5.5.32.Final #13839
  • Upgrade to Httpclient 4.5.6 #13838
  • Upgrade to Dependency Management Plugin 1.0.6.RELEASE #13807
  • Upgrade to Git Commit Id Plugin 2.2.4 #13640
  • Upgrade to Maven Enforcer Plugin 1.4.1 #13639
  • Upgrade to Tomcat 8.5.32 #13638
  • Upgrade to Httpcore 4.4.10 #13637


  • Update Spring Initializr documentation link in docs #13906
  • Ensure reference manual doesn't generate horizontal scrollbar #13709
  • Anchor for "Supported cache providers" section in the reference docs is wrong #13551
  • Add Log4J2 configuration instructions for Gradle-based projects #12729

:heart: We’d like to thank all the contributors who worked on our current release!


July 31, 2018, 9:16 a.m.
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