Spire - v1.0.0


  • The vault UpstreamAuthority plugin now supports Kubernetes service account authentication (#2356)
  • A new cert-manager UpstreamAuthority plugin is now available (#2274)
  • SPIRE Server CLI can now be used to ban agents (#2374)
  • SPIRE Server CLI now has count subcommands for agents, entries, and bundles (#2128)
  • SPIRE Server can now be configured for SPIFFE federation using the configurables defined by the spec (#2340)
  • SPIRE Server and Agent now expose the standard gRPC health service (#2057, #2058)
  • SPIFFE bundle endpoint URL is now configurable in the federates_with configuation block (#2340)
  • SPIRE Agent may now optionally provided unregistered callers with a bundle for SVID validation via the allow_unauthenticated_verifiers configurable (#2102)
  • SPIRE Server JWT key type is now independently configurable via jwt_key_type (#1991)
  • Registration entries can now be queried/filtered by federates_with when calling the entry API (#1967)


  • SPIRE Server's SVID now uses the key type configured as ca_key_type (#2269)
  • Caller address is now logged for agent API calls resulting in an error (#2281)
  • Agent SVID renewals are now logged by the server at the INFO level (#2309)
  • Workload API JWT-SVID profile will now return an error if the caller is unidentified (#2369)
  • Workload API JWT-SVID profile will no longer return non-SPIFFE claims on validated JWTs from foreign trust domains (#2372)
  • SPIRE artifact tarball no longer extracts . to avoid inadvertent changes in directory permisions (#2219)
  • SPIRE Server default socket path is now /tmp/spire-server/private/api.sock (#2075)
  • SPIRE Agent default socket path is now /tmp/spire-agent/public/api.sock (#2075)


  • SPIRE Server federation configuration in the federates_with bundle_endpoint block is now deprecated (#2340)
  • SPIRE Server gcp_iit NodeAttestor configurable projectid_whitelist is deprecated in favor of projectid_allow_list (#2253)
  • SPIRE Server k8s_sat and k8s_psat NodeAttestor configurable service_account_whitelist is deprecated in favor of service_account_allow_list (#2253)
  • SPIRE Sever registration_uds_path/-registrationUDSPath configurable and flag has been deprecateed in favor of socket_path/-socketPath (#2075)


  • SPIRE Server no longer supports SPIFFE IDs with UTF-8 (#2368)
  • SPIRE Server no longer supports the legacy Node API (#2093)
  • SPIRE Server experimental configurable allow_agentless_node_attestors has been removed (#2098)
  • The aws_iid NodeResolver plugin has been removed as it has been obviated (#2191)
  • The noop NodeResolver plugin has been removed (#2189)
  • The proto/spire go module has been removed in favor of the new SDKs (#2161)
  • The deprected enable_sds configurable has been removed (#2021)
  • The deprecated experimental bundle CLI subcommands have been removed (#2062)
  • SPIRE Server experimental configurables related to federation have been removed (#2062)
  • SPIRE Server bundle endpoint no longer supports TLS signature schemes utilizing non-SHA256 hashes when ACME is enabled (#2397)


  • Fixed a bug that caused health check failures in agents that have registration entries describing them (#2370)
  • SPIRE Agent no longer logs a message when invoking a healthcheck via the CLI (#2058)
  • Fixed a bug that caused federation to fail when using ACME in conjunction with the aws_kms KeyManager plugin (#2390)


July 8, 2021, 8:03 p.m.
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