Spacy - v3.1.1

✨ New features and improvements

  • Alpha tokenization support for Ancient Greek.
  • Implementation of a noun_chunk iterator for Dutch.
  • Support for black & flake8 as pre-commit hooks.
  • New spacy.ngram_range_suggester.v1 for suggesting a range of n-gram sizes for the spancat component.

🔴 Bug fixes

  • Fix issue #8638: Fix Azerbaijani initialization.
  • Fix issue #8639: Use 0-vector for OOV lexemes.
  • Fix issue #8640: Update lexeme ranks for loaded vectors.
  • Fix issue #8651: Fix ru and uk multiprocessing (with spawn).
  • Fix issue #8663: Preserve existing meta information with spacy package.
  • Fix issue #8718: Ensure that replace_pipe takes disabled components into account.

👥 Contributors

@adrianeboyd, @honnibal, @ines, @jmyerston, @julien-talkair, @KennethEnevoldsen, @mariosasko, @mylibrar, @polm, @rynoV, @svlandeg, @thomashacker, @yohasebe


July 20, 2021, 8:40 a.m.
v3.1.1: Support for Ancient Greek and various bug fixes
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