Spacy - v2.0.13

✨ New features and improvements

  • NEW: Pre-built wheels and up to 10 times faster installation! This release starts the journey towards pre-built wheels for all of spaCy's dependencies. Once that's completed, you won't even need a local compiler anymore to install the library. For more details on our wheels process, see explosion/wheelwright.
  • NEW: Alpha support for Telugu and Sinhala.
  • NEW: Rule-based lemmatization for Greek and French.
  • Port over Chinese support (#1210) from v1.x.
  • Improve language data for Persian, Greek, Swedish, Bengali, Polish, Portuguese, Indonesian, French, German and Russian.
  • Add Span.ents property for consistency with Doc.ents.
  • Add --verbose option to spacy train to output more details for debugging.

🔴 Bug fixes

  • Fix issue #653: Introduce bulk merge function.
  • Fix issue #1445, #1917, #2209, #2362, #2371, #2383, #2501, #2743, #2758: Fix Keras examples.
  • Fix issue #2261, #2800: Fix bug that could cause a crash with too many entity types.
  • Fix issue #2540: Improve French stop words.
  • Fix issue #2582, #2640, #2645, #2657, #2705, #2784, #2815, #2841, #2845: Fix typos and inconsistencies in documentation.
  • Fix issue #2593: Prevent numpy warning.
  • Fix issue #2706: Add missing label FAC to spacy.explain glossary.
  • Fix issue #2709: Pass default option when calling getoption() in

📖 Documentation and examples

  • Improve Keras examples.
  • Update training examples to use minibatching.
  • Fix various typos and inconsistencies.

👥 Contributors

Thanks to @DimaBryuhanov, @kororo, @AndriyMulyar, @katarkor, @giannisdaras, @bphi, @vikaskyadav, @sammous, @EmilStenstrom, @howl-anderson, @ohenrik, @aashishg, @aryaprabhudesai, @steve-prod, @njsmith, @aniruddha-adhikary, @pzelasko, @mbkupfer, @sainathadapa, @tyburam, @grivaz, @filipecaixeta, @aongko, @free-variation, @mauryaland, @pmj642, @keshan, @darindf, @charlax, @phojnacki, @skrcode, @jacopofar, @Cinnamy and @JKhakpour for the pull requests and contributions!


Oct. 13, 2018, 9:48 p.m.
v2.0.13: Wheels, alpha support for Telugu and Sinhala, rule-based lemmatization for French and Greek, plus various small fixes
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